Bugs in Grand Theft Auto 5

A bug is a glitch in the game. These glitches attract many gamers, so everyone wants to play them. These bugs are present across all games; however, this time, we’ll focus on GTA 5.

Money Bug

There is an underwater bathyscaphe in the ocean where the cash case of $25,000 is concealed. Before making use of this bug, it was necessary to withdraw the cash and then enter the game using a different player. After this, the money was found the same way as before. It was necessary only to be picked up by the other characters. It wasn’t required to return to restore oxygen flow since it replenished itself after changing characters. In the past, the actions could be repeated unlimited times.

The bug was later removed. However, it was still working, and you just had to be able to save your game and then reload it. In just 10 minutes, you could earn over half one million dollars. There is another location where you could use this bug. In the middle of the ocean is the tail end of the plane. Not far from it, there is seaweed, and there’s another case based on similar money. It’s only $12,000 in comparison to the earlier instance. However, you can follow the same method.

The Garage Bug Garage Bug

If you park your vehicle inside the garage, it may explode. All you have to do is remove yourself from the garage for the gate to shut. There’s another fascinating issue that can be found in the garage. If the vehicle has been kept in the garage for some time, then the exact car could appear in the garage.

Texture bug

There are bugs that resemble this:

  • There is a chance to spot a shark on the beach moving as it moves in the water. Sometimes, it is spotted on the shore.
  • If you fly your plane low in the mountains, you’ll be exploding against an invisible tree which will only be picked up immediately after the blast.
  • There are instances when the car’s texture isn’t full.

Sometimes, it appears like the player is able to get into an unrecognizable vehicle, but the way they interact with the game world doesn’t change.

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