5 myths from Grand Theft Auto 5

If you’re habitually paying attention to small details, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a great game to help you do that. There are numerous exciting stories in the game that even casual players will be able to spot. We’ll return to them later, but for this piece, we will examine some myths about the marketing of rental vehicles, well as the number on the trash bin and the construction “Fern`s,” as well as the T-shirt featuring images of heroes of”RDR 2,” the T-shirt featuring the character from “RDR 2” as well as the Landstalker in the trailer for the game.

Transport rental

In the vicinity of Los Santos airport, you may see something that looks like an advertisement for a rental vehicle. The poster displays two columns: “available cars” and “customers.” We’re particularly interested in the column, which is filled with cars. There is an Emporer. However, there isn’t an automobile in the game. Most likely, it’s an Emperor. We must assume that Rockstar intentionally made this error as a fake flag.

Ordinary trash containers are labeled “Rokstar North” with an unidentified date.

RSNRTH is the abbreviation for Rockstar North, and the number 281078 could refer to the date, which is October 28, 1978. It is unclear what the significance of this date is. However, some speculate that it could be the birth date of some of Rockstar North’s creators. The company was established in 1988. These numbers also could refer to an RN color code. 281078, for instance, is an intense blue shade. If you examine the RN logo, it’s dark blue.

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Unidentified construction within the town of Los-Santos

In the city of Los Santos, you can discover a building that is not known as “Fern`s,” Most likely owned by a person named Fern and an allusion to Fern, the central persona Fern of the cartoon show Adventure Time. The shade of the inscribed text matches the characters’ tone in the animated series. It’s precisely the identical light green.

The reason the trailer contained automobiles from GTA 4

When Rockstar was creating the first trailer of Grand Theft Auto 5, the team didn’t have enough vehicles ready. This is why they chose to use cars from Grand Theft Auto 4, which will be featured in the upcoming version of the highly-acclaimed game. If you examine the Landstalker car in the trailer, you’ll observe it precisely as GTA 4. There is, however, a slight distinction that the keen players see. The difference is that Grand Theft Auto 4 has the larger wire for the heated back window; in contrast, Grand Theft Auto 5 has more minor rear window wiring.

Refers of the game RDR 2

In the streets of Los Santos, you may encounter a passerby with the main protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2, John Marston, on his T-shirt. The silhouette isn’t very distinctive. However, you can see the main character. Very interesting, as no one can guess the reason for RDR 2 and how it connects to GTA 5.

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