GTA 5: Holiday Surprise 2015

This is the fifteenth free upgrade available for GTA 5 and Online, available as extra content (DLC) known as “Festive Surprise 2015″ (Festive Surprise, 2015) to PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Date of release: 21 December /2015.

It’s actually a re-release”” add-on “” add-on with some new features. This add-on expires the 5th of January, 2016.

New clothes

There are 250 options for clothing (126 men’s and women’s) with 90 of them being brand new and 160 resurfacing from previous holiday changes.

– New horns

Three brand new car horns featuring holiday music. Also, you can hear bells ringing whenever a car is struck by something.


The Christmas tree is available everywhere: penthouses, apartments, yachts and even the square. On Catholic New Year’s Day and Christmas, on GTA Online it snows and the game of snowballs is offered.

The second part

A few days after the release date the update, for Holiday Surprise 2015, the second update was released. It included an updated Tampa automobile ($375,000) and an antagonism mode that is dubbed “Beast Vs. Maniac.”

There was also snow, snowballs, as well as Christmas fireworks (given to all as a present of five free).

Download now for MOBILE!

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