iPhone games like GTA

iPhone games like GTA are fun because there is something for everyone. Mobile gaming lets you connect with friends and even play together in many different ways. Some iOS games have chat options, so you can talk to your friends while sparring. Those games let you relax while enjoying yourself at the same time! But if you’re looking just for a GTA check our homepage and start playing!

What makes iOS gaming so good

games like GTA

There are games for all ages and interests, from toddlers to grandparents! Mobile games for preschoolers help develop fine motor skills like tapping buttons or dragging a finger across the screen. Games also build problem-solving skills, as well as cooperation and collaboration skills too. Games for elementary school kids include favorite characters from books or movies that they already know about; this way, it’s easier to get them interested in spending time with games than on other devices.

Other games for middle schoolers and even high schoolers can have competitive options like competing against friends and classmates. Mobile gaming is a great way to make new friends! iOS games for adults are just as fun, with popular genres such as a puzzle, racing, sports, adventure, or first-person shooters (FPS). Mobile gaming lets you play at your own pace, so it’s perfect for older people who don’t necessarily want to move around much or be in the sun all day long!

You can relax when taking your time with games because you know there are no real consequences if you lose. Enjoying mobile games alone doesn’t require anyone else’s attention, and they’re easy to put down whenever something else comes up that needs your attention. Games for iOS are great because they help you develop skills that will make you smarter, quicker at math, and more creative thinkers too! Gaming also often incorporates problem-solving skills to move forward in the story.

Gaming is a lot of fun, and it’s hard to put down your phone while enjoying something you enjoy! Playing games helps kids develop skills required for success in school and life! There is a title out there for every interest, whether you like sports, puzzles, or first-person shooter games.

Before we begin, if you are an Android user, check this article first: GTA 5 games for Android – TOP 5 list

A word about Grand Theft Auto before we start


GTA (Grand Theft Auto) from Rockstar Games is a top-rated franchise for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PCs. These games resemble Grand Theft Auto because they are action-adventure type Android and iOS games where you can go on missions with other players or AI, buy new items for a fair price to carry out your tasks better, customize your character’s appearance, and much more! Games like GTA from Rockstar Games’ series are massive multiplayer mobile games where you can play with thousands of other iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch players. The titles listed below are some of the most highly-rated open world mobile games by people who have played them already. The features of each game are explained in their own sections in this article. You might also want to check out the iPad version of GTA 5 available HERE.

The breakthrough in the series – GTA San Andreas

In 2004, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released for download on the Xbox 360. San Andreas is one of the greatest open world action adventure titles in a large GTA franchise. GTA San Andreas takes you through role playing as Carl Johnson or CJ for short (voiced by Chris Bellard) who must return to his home town “Los Santos” after something tragic happens to his mother, and now he has to pay the price. Los Santos is a fictional vice town based off of both Los Angeles and San Fransisco, two cities with very different styles and cultures which make for an interesting mix.

GTA series has recieved much praise from various reviewers including IGN who gave San Andeas 9/10 points and Gamespot giving it 97%. However this is not about San Andreas but about all of the Grand Theft Auto games put together. San Andreas is just one in a long history of Grand Theft Auto video games with the right hero fighting against his enemies. We can see some resemblence to Max Payne titles too.

The original producer of GTA San Andreas (Sam Houser) stated in the news “I think San Andreas will be looked at as being as revolutionary as GTA III”. However it wasn’t until they developed San Andreas that we really got to see what Rockstar North could do with the series. They had been working hard since they were founded back in 1998 which was only 2 years after this title from the GTA series came out.. This gangsters simulator is available for download on Android and iOS devices as a mobile version.

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GTA Vice City for Android and iOS is astonishing

Vice City is my favorite open world GTA series game because of its size, and the fact that you can do a million things, like stealing cars, hang around gangsters and family. You can also clash with your enemies, complete stories in a single player mode or complete missions which are not related to the main story. Vice city is huge and it’s set in Vice City (Miami Vice town). Some people say it is similar to Max Payne franchise.

How to succeed in Vice City

Your goal in this game is to rise up through the ranks of Vice city drug empire. You start off by doing single player missions for “Big” Mitch Baker from Vice city bikers to get some money (5-6 grand) . Once you have enough money you can buy yourself a cheap car so you can explore Vice City easier looking like a hero. The first car I recommend getting is the Washington as it has great handling which will help with your later Drug Dealing business. You then go about doing missions for many different types of people such as taxi driver for Vice City taxicabs, and doing illegal missions for Vice city mafia.

Eventually you begin you drug lord business by buying a Vice city mansion (or any other type of house) as well as purchasing the drugs to sell. You can buy drugs in Vice Port from Lance who owns Vice Port dock, or you can steal the drugs from another dealer. Once again your main goal is to rise up through the ranks of Vice City Drug empire and nothing is free in the GTA world.

What makes GTA Vice City such an amazing game

I really enjoy this game because it’s got great vehicles such as; katana, infernus and many more. The best car in my opinion is the Infernus because its speed coupled with handling makes this car amazing to drive around Vice City. The only thing missing is the online mode leaving us with the offline story. Also, this version is free for iOS devices on our website!

The greatest features of GTA Vice City:

  • Great story
  • Very well written dialogs
  • The gameplay in general is incredibly good
  • A great amount of cool vehicles to choose from

TOP iPhone games similar to GTA

1. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

gta chinatown wars

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is the open world game you are looking for if you want to play games with many actions. This game has been designed to play on both iPhone and iPad devices so that you will have no problems enjoying it! The game in this pack includes over 50 missions that you can complete from your own device. If you’re looking for an game that you can complete within a matter of hours, then this is perfect for you as it takes players less than 4 hours to complete! Another good thing about these titles is that they have many different types of controls.

Best fatures of GTA: Chinatown Wars

  • Lots and lots of action
  • Over 50 missions to choose from
  • Very intuitive controls

2. Crime City

crime city

Crime City is an Android and iOS game like the GTA that puts you into a world where crime, weapons, cars, and money are your only friends. If you’re looking for games like GTA, then try this fantastic game out! You get to explore a big city full of action while playing against millions of other mobile gamers in this world too. There’s also an in-game chat so you can talk to other players about strategies and how much cash you’ve got left! Some upgrades will cost you real money, but you can earn free cash in the game. The game has some great reviews and even appered on the news of several gaming sites.

What makes Crime City stand out

  • A lot of great feedback from players from around the world
  • Online mode
  • Choose your prefered mission from across the city
  • Easy to play

3. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

gangstar rio

Gangstar Rio by Gameloft is another Android and iOS title that will give players a taste of GTA franchise style gameplay for their mobile platforms. This game allows you to explore a massive city and play with friends while also carrying out missions and earning cash on your way through. The combat system in this game is perfect, and there’s plenty of cars to drive around in as well! You can customize your character’s clothing and weapons, too, if you want to be cool before taking on other gangs around the world!

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Give Gangstar Rio: City of Saints a try to enjoy these fantastic features

  • Very similar to GTA series which makes it great straight out of the box
  • You can customize your character
  • Big city to roam around
  • Perfect combat system

4. Criminal Case

criminal case

If you’re looking for games like GTA that are more puzzle-based, then Criminal Case developed by Pretty Simple Games is the app for you! This game tasks your characters to solve murder mysteries while also collecting tons of evidence, taking photos, and learning new skills. No matter how good or bad your device’s screen looks, this game will run smoothly because of its optimized graphics. You can play with friends on Facebook in this game too.

What makes Criminal Case a good game

  • The game allows you to play with friends
  • Mysteries and puzzles make the game interesting
  • Very well optimized graphics

5. Gangstar New Orleans – free GTA-styled gang simulator

gangstar new orleans

“With a beat for every street corner, Gangstar New Orleans is the ultimate city-wide Hip Hop experience! When you take on the role of ‘Trapz,’ an up-and-coming rapper on one last mission to gain respect from his peers before leaving this music life behind, only the most authentic street legends will help him succeed. You’ll need to blast your way through gangs of goons with some serious firepower, rapping along to your video track as you cruise down the streets earning some points.

But hold tight: you’re not the only aspiring rapper hitting the city’s streets to make a name for yourself. The competition is fierce and will stop at nothing to bring you down!”

This game, the Gangstar New Orleans, has created quite a buzz in the App Store. It’s better than that of any other iOS game series available.

What makes Gangstar New Orleans a great GTA alternative

  • Awesome graphics & sound effects. The first thing you will notice about this game is its graphics and sound effects. They are truly unique, especially for a mobile version of gangstar. You’ll love the way your car looks as you cruise around town, and don’t forget those fat beats playing out at each level!
  • Controls are easy to use. The game controls felt intuitive and responsive as well, which is excellent for top-down shooters.
  • It’s just fun! This game is fun to play, and it can enhance your iphone gaming experience in many ways.

6. Gangstar Vegas

gangstar vegas

Last but not least, we have another title from Gameloft, which happens to be an iPhone game like GTA called Gangstar Vegas! Just as the other games like GTA series listed above, this one puts your hero into a virtual world where crime is commonplace, with gangs fighting each other for supremacy. You also get to upgrade your character with cool weapons, drive around in many different types of vehicles and chat with friends in-game as well!

Most amazing features of Gangstar Vegas

  • Compete against your friends
  • Well optimized for mobile devices
  • In-game chat
  • A lot of vehicles of different types

Some other honorable mentions of games like the GTA in details

games similar to gta

If you still haven’t found any game that suits your needs as a GTA player, try these few titles and tell us if they are what you craved for!

  • Sants Row: The Third
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Yakuza 0
  • Mafia 3
  • PayDay 2
  • Max Payne

There are a lot of games like GTA out there

If you’re a fan of GTA, then these gang games above should be on your now! These games are entertaining, have great stories to tell but they also have the iconic GTA-inspired gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.

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