GTA 5 Portable – what is it and how to get it

If you’re a gamer, or just have an interest in video games, the newly released version of GTA 5 for your smartphone should be on your radar. It’s been dubbed the ‘perfect mobile game’ by many iOS and Android games users on the internet, because it has all the things synonymous with the GTA franchise but in a condensed form. You’ll still get to explore Los Santos and do what you want without any consequences- if you can handle it! If you’re looking for a shortcut to download, check our homepage!

Grand Theft Auto and it’s impact on the gaming industry

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Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of those rare franchises that have redefined their respective genres more than once. Whether it was bringing a same city free roaming experience on consoles in Grand Theft Auto 3, or creating the PS4 system sandbox genre itself with Grand Theft Auto 2 before refining it into perfection with GTA San Andreas (arguably the best GTA in the series), GTA’s influence is undeniable.

What makes Grand Theft Auto V so special

What makes GTA such a great franchise isn’t just its open-ended gameplay or lack of consequences, but rather how it forms an entire world to immerse yourself in and gives you control over what happens within it.

The sweet news for mobile players

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This also means that every gamer that can download and install this free game, brings something unique to each experience and creates a different tale altogether. It is this nature that has made Grand Theft Auto so successful as a franchise and went straight into history books.

GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V) was one of the most anticipated games ever created going into 2013 and when Rockstar Games delivered on their ambitious vision, gamers across all platforms were blown away by the sheer scope of what had been accomplished here with perhaps only The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being on a similar level.

That’s how history’s made

With GTA V’s release, gamers were given the biggest open-world sandbox they had ever played in to date with so much variety and more activities than you could hope to do.

gta 5 portable download

You also had the option of switching between three playable characters and experiencing events from their perspectives or even playing them cooperatively online (amongst others).

This was an unprecedented feature which allowed for some unique gameplay experiences otherwise not possible in previous titles and definitely a career high for Rockstar Games as the developer.

GTA 5 Portable is now available for fownload!

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One has to wonder if it would be possible to bring this experience into such a condensed form but that hasn’t stopped us from trying with the recently released mobile version of GTA 5.

The transition might seem odd at first, but it actually makes sense when you think about it: GTA isn’t really a game where you spend most of your time doing missions- instead you behave like one would in the real world.

Los Santos in the palm of your hand

gta 5 mobile

Of course like any city you could visit, Los Santos (the setting for all GTA games) has its share of crimes to be committed and side activities to participate in. It’s one of those games that allow the full immersion and it’s amazing.

GTA 5 Portable is a game that you can play on your mobile devices. It has all the same features as its console counterpart, minus some of the graphics. We didn’t forget the online mode either.

GTA V online on your phone

You can also download it and use an online multiplayer feature to connect with other players in-game. This way, you don’t have to be alone while gaming!

GTA 5 Portable has a great soundtrack, but GTA 4 did not have one. GTA 5 Portable has all the songs from the latest GTA series, including GTA V, as well as a few extra tracks that are exclusive to GTA 5 APK for Android or IPA for iOS system. If you’re wondering about GTA 5 on Play store here is our blog post about it.

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What’s needed to play GTA 5 Portable

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The game will also be updated with new features released on PC and console in GTA Online mode. However, this update won’t come for awhile because we need some time to make it happen!

To game GTA 5 Portable you’ll need:

– A phone (it must be between 3.5″ – 6″)

– Android version 4.0 or higher or the iOS system version 10 or higher

You don’t need access to any of the Android or iOS app market, though.

If you want to check the current versions of your Android, go HERE. For iOS, go HERE.

The freedom of choise

Download GTA 5 Portable game to see how this version gives you the ability to play your favorite game, including GTA Online game mode, wherever you go.

This way you are no longer stuck with being a PC or a console user when you want to start playing Grand Theft Auto V. GTA 5 Portable version also allows you to play Grand Theft Auto V Online, GTA: Episodes from Liberty City and GTA 4.

We ran some tests on GTA 5 Portable so you don’t have to

You should be aware that GTA 5 is a graphics intensive game so the more powerful your device is, the better GTA series experience you will get.

Here are some news and guidelines for choosing a device that can run latest versions of GTA 5 best around 10FPS if it’s only used for playing GTA Portable (we didn’t sort them into categories):

  • GALAXY NOTE 3 – very good performance (15-20 FPS on average)
  • GALAXY S5 – very good performance (12-16 FPS on average)
  • LG G3– very good performance (12-16 FPS on average)
  • HONOR 6 PLUS – excellent performance (10-14 FPS on average)
  • Oneplus One – excellent performance (10-14 FPS on average)
  • XIAOMI MI3 – very good performance (15-20 FPS on average)
  • XPERIA Z1/Z2/Z3 – excellent performance (10-14 FPS on average)
  • REDMI NOTE 3 – very good 14+FPS
  • VIVO XPLAY 3S – between 10 and 15 fps
  • RICHLY RAZE S5 LTE – about 10fps
  • OPPO Find 7a / r7s plus 8gb RAM SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.2 Ghz

What is under the hood of GTA V Portable

gta v portable apk

There is a lot more to this version of GTA 5 Portable – GTA 5 APK file is a free file system modification created by creator MobileGTA5.Mobi, which lets you play Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games on your android device through modifications to Rockstar GTA V’s game files. What is even more amazing, GTA Multiplayer is also supported when using GTA 5 Mobile.

You can play the game online with your friends and anyone else with iOS and Android in GTA V Multiplayer just as you would on the console or PC version.

Android users will be pleased

GTA 5 game for iOS and Android lets you have a GTA experience on the go and it’s extremely interactive! No need to wait until you get home.

The best thing about the game is that it doesn’t require Android root access to run and can be played offline if desired by the user (even though it does not offer functionality that makes sense when offline).

This means that GTA 5 Portable can be used by people who are inexperienced with Android system rooting or who do not own rooted Android devices.

GTA 5 Mobile game most incredible aspects

grand theft auto 5
  • Great graphics and interactive controls;
  • Option to play GTA 5 mobile online, which lets you connect with other players around the world;
  • GTA 5 Multiplayer thanks to Rockstar GTA online version;
  • Lots of new additions in GTA 5 APK, including weapons and vehicles never before seen in GTA!
  • Fast download thanks to a compressed file
  • No need for a fast internet connection
  • Free installation of the app
  • Countless hours of gaming, thanks to the history of GTA series
  • Developed by a trusted porting team
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Save your money – choose the free GTA 5 Portable

So, if you want to play GTA 5 on Android or iOS instead of having to buy an Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 (at least), the first thing you’ll need is a GTA 5 Portable app download that you will install in your iOS or Android system for free.

The latest release for Android and iOS devices with different versions can be found right here.

The installation is as easy as it gets

Don’t worry about a complicated installation process or anything like that. All you have to do is install an APK file which you can download from our website in your system. If this step seems too tricky for you then I suggest watching this video tutorial on how to install the game on your Android or iOS mobile devices here.

Visit this article to find out more: GTA V Mobile F.A.Q

The settings

Now that we’ve got everything prepared, let’s talk about settings and controls! GTA 5 Portable is configured using a system called GTA V Android Open IV.

GTA 5 APK download allows you to play official GTA Online (Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer) which means there are a lot of things that need to be adjusted in options. Don’t worry though, this version of GTA 5 Portable will set everything up for you!

Let’s take the game for a spin

download gta 5 portable

When starting the game for the first time it is worth noting that touchscreen controls are not available. This mean that if you want to enjoy GTA5 as it was intended without any compromises then a physical controller is adviced. But remember the controls will eventually appear once the game downloads all the necessary files and log in automatically.

You can play with a physical controller too!

Is your iPhone or Android just for taking pictures and checking Facebook? Well, if you’re looking to do more with your phone while still playing games or watching videos, keep reading.

Installing a physical controller on an Android device can be done in two ways: by using a Bluetooth controller or installing one that plugs into the headphone jack. Either way will work; however, there are pros-and-cons to each method.

Wired or wireless controller?

The first option (Bluetooth) requires no additional hardware pieces but does require pairing the device with the controller every time they’re used together. The second option (headphone jack) installs a permanent physical controller onto your phone but doesn’t allow wireless connection.

It’s all about compatibility

GTA 5 Portable lets you download and play GTA V on the go. GTA 5 Android is supported by many different devices, including not only phones and tablets but also phablets. The new GTA 5 Mobile downloaded to a smartphone supports playing over the internet net too and it’s called GTA Online!

GTA 5 Portable has a great and modern graphics and runs extremely smoothly. GTA V for Android was tested, among other phones, on my XIAOMI Note 3. Here’s why: GTA 5 in Android

That’s all, folks!

If you have any issues regarding GTA 5 Portable please leave them in comments and we will help you as soon as possible! Now you can enjoy GTA V on your android and iPhone device or tablet!

Download now for MOBILE!