Game tips: Grand Theft Auto 5 walkthrough


It begins blithely in the world in GTA 5. You’re currently involved in the robbery using three of you. Now you have to focus your gun on the hostages to force them into the room. After that, you can ignite the safe and then go inside. Make sure you have all the money and leave the safe. A guard will now take this gangster, and you will have to change to another criminal and kill the man.

In the vicinity of the entrance, you’ll be astonished by many cops afterward. Aim at the mob, and be on the radar. It is your most reliable all-time friend during a firefight, in addition to the weapon in your hands. After the first group of cops has been killed, head towards the front of the police vehicle and carry on the murder from the show. Then, run to the getaway vehicle and follow the markers. When you reach the car, you’ll have to aim the hordes of police officers with only one survivor. After a few minutes, shooting ceases, and the gangster is escorted away into the plains of snow. This means that the entrance to GTA 5 Mobile is triumphant….at least for you!

1. Mission: Franklin & Lamar: Franklin

From Michael we are now heading to Franklin!

After the fantastic opening, the camera moves around, and you’re not seeing Michael; however, you’re seeing a young man of color called Franklin. Follow Franklin’s friend Lamar and pick one of the vehicles. Whichever one you choose, you have to follow the route indicated by the radar. Franklin’s unique ability allows you to drive past slow-motion traffic and around curves.

In the end, it passes through a parking garage! It runs with me!

Missions that are optional:

  • Concentrated Driver: Drive at minimum 7 seconds, using Franklin’s unique skill
  • Don’t scratch yourself Beware of collisions with dead pedestrians or dead pedestrians sliding over your hood
  • We are safe Do not kill anyone in the TV studio , and particularly, don’t run over aliens!
  • Winner The winner is the one who wins the race! To accomplish this, simply play the race at least once or twice afterward to experience the course
Second Mission to Franklin: Franklin

This mission is where the dealer Simeon takes you to a camp full of Vegas after the conclusion of the first mission. In the camp, you must take a stolen motorcycle. Follow Lamar to the lion’s den and get the garages.

Once you’ve found the motorcycle, after which you’ll be assaulted. Franklin isn’t a great shot and is the toughest to firefight with. (Provided you’ve got automatic aiming disabled)

Therefore, locate cover between the walls and containers and fire in a specific direction or blindly at group members. For those of you who prefer the portable version of GTA V – it might be tricky to sync all the controls at once.

Make sure you take care of your band members!

Take the weapons and collect them to make you a little more fire-powered, and then be watching the action unfold as “your” bike is taken. Take a cart, and then run the man over. Then, chase your bike around the wash, and take the bike to Simeon.

Optional missions:

  • Time for mission: You should not be taking longer than 6:30 to finish the mission.
  • Headshots: eliminate six enemies using headshots
  • Precision of the hit: Try to achieve accuracy of 70% or more. Plan a bit more time and don’t aim blindly.
  • Innovative ways to use the gasoline trail from the vehicle on the left side in the alleyway, making it explode
Mission 3 Complications: Franklin (and Michael)

Make sure to sneak up behind him and get the gardener out!

Now Simeon is asking you to steal an SUV to pay for his. To accomplish this, follow the directions on the map, and you’ll arrive at an estate. Then, jump over the gate then shoot at the gardener from behind. He is going to move away from you. This will enhance your sneaking abilities. Go to the garage to discover that it’s locked, which is a sign of suspicion. Thus, turn to the right side of the house and towards the car. Get in the car, and then climb onto the roof. Get in through the windows and be careful not to let the daughter or mother, as well as the tennis coach, take you by surprise. It will be a short time before you reach the yellow SUV in the garage. Take it out and drive it to Simeon. While you’re there, you’ll be amazed by Michael, who is hidden in the back of the car.

Suuuper timing Michael!

Now, you are required to go to the car dealership.

You can now change between the two characters. Each has a different mission. You can identify the number by the numbers displayed on the switch screen that is above the image.

Missions that are optional:

    • Time To complete the task within less than 5:00 minutes
    • You cannot reach it! If you are a person who is responsible for their actions, you should not do any injury. In the end, you must be careful.
    • Take a nap on the green end the gardener’s work from behind.
Fourth Mission: Father and Son Franklin & Michael

While Michael and Franklin are enjoying a swim, Jimmy, Michael’s son, calls them and informs them that the yacht his father sold him. The buyers did not want to pay for the ship and began stealing the boat instead. Then, take Amanda’s vehicle and follow the signals. Take a drive towards the back of the ship and let Franklin climb up. You turn left to help Jimmy as he’s near to fall.

Get that stupid boy by bringing him the cart!

Still collecting Franklin on the stern. Also, fix Amanda’s car, which is now damaged. The boat has gone!

You can then you must go to a garage return to your home.

Missions that are optional:

  • Fast Catch: You will have just 10 seconds to catch your son’s attention with this catch. You must be in position when the advertisement appears beneath the yellow circle
  • No scratch: Deliver Amanda’s car with no scratch! Then it went to the garage!
Mission 5: Chop Franklin

Now Lamar does not want to steal a car anymore. He wants to go into the big leagues and plans to kidnap D, a Ballas. So, take a go to the spot market, take on the sexually ferocious D, and then escape onto his motorbike. Be sure to follow Franklin’s exceptional strength until he comes to a stop and the following day, follow him on feet. He swiftly disappears into train carriages. However, that’s not what you’ve chopped. Assume his role and wait until he can mount as the pet lady…

As a dog, you view the world in a different way!

You will then see the man in a train carriage. Follow him around while waiting for Chop to bring the man down.

Now, you must drive Lamar to the center for freedom. However, you can’t get there, and you must rerelease him as the Ballas found out who was responsible for his kidnapping. The mission is done, and Chop is now staying with your aunt and with you for the time being.

Optional missions:

  • No scratch: The car you drive Lamar from D and then take his up to Freedom Center at the end. Freedom Center at the end will not scratch anything.
  • Buddy Play for 10 seconds as Chop
  • Enhanced Reflexes Simply makes use of Franklin’s ability to do this
Mission 6: Marriage Counseling: Michael & Franklin

When Michael is crashing into his wife’s bedroom, she’s playing with the tennis coach. Michael flees, and you instantly chase him. Take the car and follow him until you reach “his” home. Take the winch from your vehicle to the struts, and then speed up (RT). After the third time, the area will begin to collapse.

It pulls the house down off its soaring seat! Here , even at sunset!

Unfortunately, the tennis instructor called you later and informed you that it was not his home. You can escape the pursuers by changing Franklin and shooting at the men. It is recommended to shoot directly at the driver. After you’ve defeated all the criminals, You will be able to meet the boss as well as the proprietor of the property in Michael’s home. He is looking for real money for the damaged home. Michael calls his old friend Lester immediately afterward.

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Missions that are optional:

  • No scratch: do not do damage to the vehicle
  • Time: It should not be able to finish the mission before 5:30 to finish the task.
  • Drive By-Killer: take out 3 fugitives with guns (as Franklin)
Mission 7: The Daddy’s little girl: Michael

Michael wants to do things with their son Jimmy. Get on the cart and take Jimmy on a trip to the shore. Take a bike to the rental location and take your child off, which should not be difficult. It will reveal, but there’s a secret you know: your daughter is aboard a vessel just off the coast, and she’s shooting porno footage there.

Michael will not take too long, and you’ll need to go straight into the vessel. Be sure to stay on the way to the boat , or your task will be unsuccessful.

What is your daughter doing inappropriate things on the vessel? Are you sure? Sure, then you can go for it! …

When you board the boat, the girl will have a run-in, and you’ll then need to get off the ship using a jet ski. You will have to drive across the channel on your left and follow the path. You can utilize RB or LB to turn in tight turns, which will benefit you greatly. If you do not escape, you take out the snatchers. Whatever it is, you’ll find that your child is sure to be extremely upset and will drive off along with your son.

Optional Missions:

  • Speed: Take your jet ski to its maximum speed. It is also possible to do this following the chase.
  • Support wheels: Do not get thrown off the bike.
  • Fast as fish Speedy as a fish: Swim faster than 1:01 from the boat
The Mission: 8th mission. Friend request for Michael Michael

Today, Michael is visiting his former friend Lester who is in wheelchair.

Lester ….. on a chair, but hyperintelligent!

Visit the Suburban afterward and purchase the latest geeky gadgets. Ask the lady for advice. Then drive towards the LifeInvader building. Enter through the back door, and you’ll be talked to by a man who believes you’re an IT support. Then, follow the man and then go to the website. You will see pop-ups all over the place, and they block your desktop, so it’s impossible to work. It is necessary to close the windows, then upload this virus application. Then you’ll have to visit an office on the left side and replace the original. Then, go home and switch to the channel that has the man who has the prototype on the television. Once he’s got the device in his hands, then you’ll call him. BOOM!

Missions that are optional:

  • Time: Does not last more than 8:30 to finish the mission
  • No pop-ups. Closes the pop-ups in just 32 seconds
Mission 9: Stretch is out: Franklin

When Franklin returns home, he’s greeted by his mother and companion, But they disappear immediately and leave him confused. In the meantime, Lamar and Stretch show in, fresh from the jail. Together, they head to Ammu Nation to get your shotgun with the Taclight. I guess it’s getting dark.

After that, head for the marker and enter the building via one of the doors in the back. Then, at the top, you’ll encounter D once more and then immediately fall into an obstacle. Make sure to cover yourself and aim your gun at your first door with a double entrance. Next, make sure that Lamar’s life is saved in the narrow corridor, and then run down the staircase.

Help save Lamar from the foul ballas!

Continue to shoot using the shotgun, and feed the ball below using scraps. There will be a warehouse within a short distance and then fire will be heard in the area to the right.

Fire Fire! Be sure to stay under cover and stay clear of those on your right!

Avoid this one, naturally, and take out the below and above enemies on the pathways. However, it is better to use an alternative weapon, e.g., using an assault weapon. You can then go through the entrance to the right, and the helicopter is waiting on the other side. Go down the stairs and climb up the ladder to the right. After that, jump over the wall and run from the police vehicle. Franklin’s unique ability can be beneficial.

Then drive home.

Optional Missions:

  • Accuracy of hit: you must be able to hit at a rate of 60percent.
  • Time: You have 10 minutes to complete the mission.
  • Headshots: You can beat 10 ballas using headshots
  • Unharmed: You should walk out of the store nearly in good shape, and without physical or emotional damage to your clothing or health.
The mission 10 is the Jeweler’s inspection Michael

At the very least, Michael has already announced to Lester that he needs good dough. So, dress in an elegant suit (don’t forget your shoes) and head to the designated spot. There, you’ll meet Lester, who will offer you a theft. You are, in essence, required to steal a jeweler!

To accomplish this take a look at the yellow line to locate the jeweler. In the store, take photos of three distinct items:

  • The console on the left of the door.
  • The camera is right there
  • and the vent in the back of the charming salesperson

He returns to the vehicle with Lester afterward. He wants to know precisely where ventilation shafts stop. So, drive through the houses to the right side and look for an establishment with the scaffold. Take the stairs up and then climb the ladders. From the top, walk through the roofs until Lester is at the point that offers the most favorable perspective. Make a right turn and take pictures of the enclosed ventilation system.

Snap a photo of the shielded system for ventilation!

Once the situation has been verified, you are able to return to your car and return to your safe home. You can now select one of two options. Both options will alter the mission you’ll be working on in the future significantly.

Pick your preferred method!

Drivers: Franklin is the main driver, and you can pick the other driver you’d like.

Support for fire: Even if you select the smart option, however, you must still choose the most effective one, or else it’ll crash, and that is a significant pain. For the most brutal, you could choose to use the most reliable shooter to be sure everything is running smoothly, or consider the possibility of the death of the shooter and are not required to take off this much of a share.

Hacker: The most important man make sure you choose the right one if aren’t sure

Mission 11 the Jewel Heist: Michael & Franklin


As Michael drove to the scaffolding and let Franklin go off the scaffolding. Follow him to the top of the stairs, then go up the ladder and sit exactly at the exact spot Michael stood. Then, throw the tear gas into the shaft. Make sure you aim your shot directly towards the circle of yellow otherwise, you’ll throw too little or too far.

The can should be thrown right towards the circle of the target!

Then everyone in the store is soaked and collapses. Then you can go through the doors as Michael and your crew. Takedown the displays on one side and look at the radar to determine which ones haven’t been taken in the past. A total of 4.500.000dollars will be taken. You must get out of the room prior to the time running out.

Be sure to follow Franklin when riding motorcycles. Follow the rider in front who will inform you where he’s headed or stop, or lay completely down, based on the percentage.

This is a quick turn to Tunnels!

It’s easy to navigate traversing tunnels and sewers until you find the exit. However, here you’ll come across police cars.

Then, however, Michael is back in the game and you need to take your colleagues away from the tracks. The cars will always appear through the channels openings.

Missions that are optional:

  • Accessible: clear the display cases in 50 seconds
  • Secured: Franklin rescued from police
  • Clean: You must clear all of the 20 showcases. Do you have the most powerful hacker? It’s no problem .
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Once you’ve got everything after that, you’re on your way to. Take the van in along with Franklin while you wait for everybody else to get into. Take it on a drive to the jeweler. Stop at the marker. The team will emerge to clear the store, and you’ll be able to get out. You will be awarded four stars, but you must be cautious about following the car ahead of you. The rest is a gentle way of approaching.

Mission 12: Mr. Philips: Trevor

If you go back to your home following the jewel theft and you are greeted by a man who is from the Bureau who wants to know what the whole incident was all about. The camera moves to the third person within the entire group. Trevor Philips is chatting with a woman as he watches the TV. He’s naturally awestruck initially because he believed Michael was dead.

He leaves, and you get to meet an old friend who was from GTA 4 again! For a brief duration. Then, you take a drive with Trevor on the way to Lost farm. You then continue following the van afterward. The motorcyclists can be easily get rid of.

The van will bring you to a park for trailers, and the first gunfight will occur. Utilize the shotgun and unique ability to take aim at the Lost and eliminate those who are fleeing in the final. You can then head for Ortega’s truck that you drive up to and then push into the river.

Missions that are optional:

  • There are no survivors: kill everyone who is Lost. To accomplish this, simply kill the fleeing ones to death.
  • Headshots 12 headshots are simple to accomplish in the course of the mission.
  • Time: You can be allowed to take up to 12.00 minutes
  • Caravan damaged: Drive the caravan into the creek
  • The Lost and Damned Kill the two bikers prior to you reach the camp
Mission 13: Trevor Philips Industries: Trevor

Begin by taking Trevor and”The “Chinese man.” Take this man and his interpreter into the meth lab, where you can chat with the chef before you’re assaulted by Ortega’s men. Take out the men from above the building, and then take the chef’s position to the following location in the same spot, where the game continues. After that, follow him and take out your grenade launcher. It is also possible to shoot at two cars to smash two bodies at once. Then, go downstairs, and you’ll find shelter in the back of the counter. Then, you’ll be able to settle the matter, and you can take two Chinese out of the freezer. The mission is also completed.

Optional Missions:

  • Losses: 32 dead enemies. Everyone must be killed for this, even those fleeing that are left in the vehicle
  • Unscathed: take almost no damage
  • Scrapper: You need to explode at least six cars. This is a great idea using the launcher for grenades.
  • The mission time is the totality of
Mission 14: Nervous Ron: Trevor

Before you can take on the mission, you need first to have spoken to Maude, and she will ask you a question mark for Trevor. Through her, you’ll be able to get bounty missions. You may continue to play this mission in this article.

Ascend the quad, and break off from Ron for the sniper rifle that is available in Ammu Nation. Follow the marker line, and then climb to the top of the tower. Get the new rifle and shoot at Ron who is sitting in the left corner. See him sneak up on the tank, and shoot the guard on the stairs to the left.

Guard the area to prevent Ron moving!

However, now the vehicle is coming towards you. Make sure to shoot the lights near the stairs using a precise shot since the vehicle will pass by the body and then see it through the lights.

Then it’s just going to pass by, and you’ll be able to shoot two men after they are released. Now, it’s blow-by-blow to kill the person who is on the tower, then beneath the one with the flashlight, and then the second person on the building, who can see the body of the first one. There are two guards leaving the house to the right. They are also destined to be killed. Once you are near the tank, a second biker arrives from the right, which you must eliminate. Make sure you take charge of the helicopter in the final stretch!

Make sure you are in to be the pilot!

Then then, take a drive to Ron and kill all bikers. Then, get on your plane to shoot. Detonate the bomb , and then fly the plane yourself until you reach the points indicated.

Missions that are optional:

  • Headshot: kill five enemies by shooting them with headshots. You can do this either with a sniper gun or other means.
  • Time: You can’t have more than 12:30 to complete everything
  • Nervous Twitch: Just beat Ron. Fly like the crow it’s not a problem.
  • Six bridges One plane: Fly under six bridges. Do it best in the second attempt
  • The Flying Dead: must take out all the bikers in this area as you take place on the side of the plane
“Mission 15”: “Drug Hell,” Trevor

It’s now time to go to the real deal. Take a cart and go along to Trevor to the O’Neil brothers’ farm, who took your job from the Chinese.

Once you’re there, sit on the hill that you can utilize for a vantage location. Shoot your sniper towards the skulls of the family incest and then quietly guarantee their death.

Kill the O’neil family from afar!

This will allow you to keep away from an overwhelming number of enemies. After that, you should go around the back of the porch before entering the building. Take out the people in the house, a few in case you’ve been quiet, and a lot even if you’ve not been at all. Go down the steps to the laboratory. Find the canister in the corner, and pour out a line of gasoline that runs along the.

It’s going to take you right outside and you will be able to get the entire house in motion by firing one shot on the trail. After that, you’ll go out and the mission is complete.

Optional Missions:

  • Headshots: You must kill 10 enemies by head-shots over and over
  • Injured: Almost no damage
  • Two birds killed with one stone: Hit the enemies with a single shot
  • Hit precision Accuracy of hit: Hit accuracy: 80%
Mission 16: Friends Reunited: Trevor

Wade has found the Michael Da Santa who might be the perfect match for Michael Trevor is looking for.

In the beginning, first, he visits the park for trailers in order to write a note to the Lost. In particular, you must glue bombs onto the trailers. For amusement! Put yourself in sneak mode and avoid getting Lost. Keep an eye on the cone of sight, and you’ll be able to complete the task quickly. The bombs are able to be thrown by the way, and you don’t need to stand in the front of the truck.

You don’t need to be close to this!

After you’ve positioned every bomb in the area, move them up a bit, and let it go. After that, get in Wade’s car and head for Los Santos. While you’re there, take a break from the car to enjoy some fresh city air. You will then drive to the home that Wade’s uncle has. This is your new residence, and you may also save the place. The mission has ended here.

Missions that are optional:

  • Headshots: You require five head shots.
  • Mysterious Gift: Be careful not to be caught when blasting your trailer
  • Insured: minimal damage
  • A perfect present for you Make all the cars explode up simultaneously

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