Military hardware in Grand Theft Auto 5

The military appears in the fifth edition of Grand Theft Auto; however, they’re no longer cruising the streets, chasing our protagonist. They now have a base equipped with numerous items from military gear.

Military vehicles come with a lot of advantages over vehicles used by civilians. Military vehicles are more cautiously designed to resist damage to themselves, which means they’ll last longer than vehicles used by civilians. It’s also well-suited to travel over difficult terrain, that’s why it can travel anyplace.

If you’re in a tight financial situation, you could try taking the equipment of a military base. However, if you visit the military base, you will be given a “wanted” list that makes taking the vehicle you want extremely difficult. To get it, dial Lester and request to receive the “indifferent police” service from him. You can then take a helicopter, known as the “Cargobobob,” where you can put one of the vehicles you want onto a cargo hook and take off with it. Then we’ll provide the complete assortment of military vehicles available to you to choose from.

Canis Crusader

This is the military version of Canis Mesa. Canis Mesa differs because the civilian version is more powerful than the version used by military personnel. The civilian version has a faster acceleration rate and an increased top speed. The military version is slower and has a lot of steering and a higher center of gravity. This makes it extremely adept in slamming any bump. This was one of the worst characteristics of the machine, and the only benefit is the improved crash-worthiness.

HVY Barracks and HVY Barracks Semi

Barracks Semi has an identical cabin to the normal Barracks; however, it comes with a unique device on the back which allows you to connect an item onto the tractor. It is equipped with only two trailers: a tanker with special brown coloring (quite uncommon to see on military bases) and a standard flatbed trailer that cannot be obtained in normal operation.

This tractor has great driving characteristics. It speeds up quickly, has an impressively high speed, and is extremely solid – making it one of the top models for its machinery category. Because of all this, it’s an excellent choice for transporting cargo. However, it has one not small disadvantage, which is evident because the semi trailer is equipped with terrible brakes.

Also, be aware that you are not able to purchase it. You can only take it from the base using a helicopter, so be sure to contact Lester and activate the “unattended police” service before doing it. Be aware that it is heavy, so you’ll need to work hard to lift it off of the ground.

In the next section, we’ll talk about the most deadly military vehicles featured in Grand Theft Auto 5, and I’m sure you’ll easily figure out what kind of vehicle we’re talking about.

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