GTA 5: Night Life – After Hours

Twenty-fifth free update for GTA 5 and Online, available as additional content (DLC) known as after Hours available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Date of publication: July 24, 2018.

The DLC was an excellent reward for players of The Grand Theft Auto series, in the form of the main character, Tony Prince, known to all.

In the new update, you now have the option of purchasing your nightclub within one of the ten venues spread across Los Santos. You can choose to name it using one of the nine options available:




Studio Los Santos

Maisonette Los Santos

The Palace



Tony’s Fun House

The club will generate profits, but you have to enhance and promote it.

In free mode, there are battles for business (fight in the name of cargo) which begin every 15 minutes.

New vehicles are now available:

Dinka Jester Classic ($790,000, Legendary Motorsport)

Ocelot Swinger ($909,000, Legendary Motorsport)

Mammoth Patriot Stretch ($611,800, Southern San Andreas Super Autos)

Party Bus ($1,385,000, Southern San Andreas Super Autos)

A Customized MTL Pounder (Warstock)

Customized Maibatsu Mule (Warstock)

Custom-designed Vapid Speedo (attached to nightclub)

Enus Stafford ($1,272,000, Legendary Motorsport)

Canis FreeCrawler ($597,000, Legendary Motorsport)

Menacer ($1,775,000, Warstock Cache and Carry)

Terrorbyte ($1,375,000, Warstock Cache and Carry)

Scramjet ($3,480,000 (including Warstock Cache, Scramjet and Carry)

Oppressor ($2,925,000 (including Warstock Cache, Oppressor and Carry)

B-11 Strikeforce ($3,800,000, Warstock Cache and Carry)

Imponte Ruiner ($10,000, Southern San Andreas)

Bollckan Prairie ($25,000, Southern San Andreas)

Karin Futo ($9,000, Southern San Andreas)

Karin Beejay XL ($27,000, Southern San Andreas)

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Fathom FQ2 ($50,000, Southern San Andreas)

Benefactor Seprano ($60,000, Southern San Andreas)

Emperor Habanero ($42,000, Southern San Andreas)

Chariot Romero Hearse ($45,000, Southern San Andreas(

Mammoth Patriot ($50,000, Southern San Andreas)

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