Grand Theft Auto 5 – GTA Online: “Gerald’s Last Play” with six contact missions

With the most recent release (“Gerald’s Final Play”), Six new contact missions are available within GTA Online. You must ensure that Gerald’s drug business and other dealings with criminals in Los Santos run smoothly by fighting off rival gangs while always staying above the law.

The six missions:

    • “For the Sausage”: The slaughterhouse does not appear to be the way it appears Gerald’s former rivals have used it to create their dope that they then sell in the streets. Make sure you are aware of the criminals who guard the building, and then grab your “recipe.” It’s not going to be straightforward, however, because you’ll need to be able to crack safe.
    • Good looking figure: A skilled competitor dealer has been concealing the cocaine inside action figures in recent times, and Gerald has been warned that he’s not always adroit when it comes to dealing. Get the van out and search for the figures delivered … as well as be prepared for anything that happens in the process.
    • Quick Take Bikers are attempting to take Gerald off the market, slashing Gerald on every level. Help Gerald to make a statement by taking supplies from their well-known companies.
    • Dealer Hunt Deals have gone wrong, and players need to locate the missing dope that Gerald has been tagged with. The rival gangs are aware of it, but it’s the players’ responsibility to track down the items while keeping the police away from their backs.
    • The Bad Company Gerald is fed up with an antagonistic gang boss and is determined to get the gang leader out. But to accomplish this, it is necessary to locate him first. To lure the leader to the surface, it is first necessary to eliminate his crew.
    • Final item: Gerald wants to offload his entire inventory in a major deal with an individual buyer. You must ensure that the deal is done in a professional manner. “

The contents in an encapsulation:

  • “Double GTA$” and the RP “Gerald’s last Play” missions as well as all other missions that require contact, as well as on VIP work and challenges
  • Triple GTA$ and RP for open-wheel races
  • Triple pay for bodyguards as well as staff
  • The Karin Sultan Classic in special style is waiting for you to win the top prize on the Wheel of Fortune
  • Specials and Discounts on Executive Offices & Real Estate
  • Discounts on vehicles 25% off Ocelot R88, or 70% off the percent off the armored Kuruma
  • Continued The Twitch Prime Rewards
  • Option to play using GTA 5 Portable