GTA 5: South San Andreas Super Series

The Twenty-fourth free upgrade available for GTA 5 and Online, available as extra content (DLC) entitled Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Date of release: 20 March 2018.

Game version: 1.43.

The DLC was unintentionally released without any prior announcement. It is believed to fall into being a category called “light” update, in that it adds racing mode only, with various new vehicles. There is nothing revolutionary or even a cardinally new.

New kind of race “Hotring Track”: 10 tracks for Declasse Hotring Sabre production cars on tracks that have 30 racers. It is a allusion the NASCAR race series.

5 new vehicles: Cheval Taipan, Declasse Hotring Sabre, Entity XXR Vapid GB200, Vulcar Fagaloa.

New network mode “Race with Targets”: Up to 8 teams (2 people each) can participate in the mode. One player shoots at targets using an automatic weapon, while another is in the driver’s seat, swiftly shifting and trying to run faster than competitors.

10 races that are unique for special vehicles, 7 brand new “Transformations” races 7 brand new racing classic suits.

Download now for MOBILE!

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