GTA 5: The New Adventures of Bandits and Crooks

Seventeenth free update for GTA 5 and Online, available as an additional content (DLC) known as Further Adventures in Finance and Felony on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Date of release: June 7 the 7th of June, 2016.

It is in essence an intellectual continuation and evolution from the DLC “”.


An additional 11 vehicles were added to this update. Among them are:

1. 8 vehicles Pegassi Reaper (supercar), Grotti Bestia GTS (sports car), Vapid FMJ (supercar), Enus Windsor Drop (convertible), Benefactor XLS (luxury SUV, with an armored version that is separate), Bravado Rumpo Custom (sliding door van), Brigade (armored truck).


2. Buckingham Volatus helicopter and Buckingham Nimbus aircraft.

3. Big water tug.

Weapons of the future

There are brand new magazine boxes and drums that can hold more rounds.

NEW items

T-shirts, clothes, and accessories for bosses and bodyguards.

A new mode GTA Online

You can start and manage your own smuggling empire. Purchase warehouses and offices for your products, store them there, ward off smuggling by your competitors, and protect yourself from police and gangs.

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