Fugitives in GTA 5 (Bounty Hunter)

The Runaway Missions in GTA 5 open pretty early in the game, most likely after gaining control of the principal character Trevor following the completion of”the “task. The missions are handed an opportunity to play by a lady called Maude, with whom Trevor is in a friendly and pleasant relationship.

You are an bounty hunter. The missions focus on catching the fugitives. There are four. They can be killed, however, a substantial reward is provided to living fugitives.

$10,000 for living

$5,500 for the deceased

Every attempt to track down and capture a missing person starts with an email . It includes a description of their persona, a photo of them, and a photograph of their last destination.

However, you do not have any map markers therefore you must search for the person who is fugitive by using these clues or other clues you could utilize .

1. Ralph Ostrowski.

This is your first goal. You will find him at the bottom of the Davis Quartz quarry at the very “bottom.” He’s alone. His marker blinks blue and red. This signifies that you could end his life or capture him.

You can:

Wait until Ralph arrives at his vehicle. Then, chase him down then shoot the car but be careful not to get distracted not to harm him. It’s safer to take his tires and shoot them. Then, he’ll stop by saying, “Okay, Okay, you’re the winner” All you have to do is deliver his prized possessions to Maude.

You can shoot him with stun gun prior to you let him in your Landstalker.

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2. Larry Tapper.

In contrast to the last fugitive, Larry is not alone anymore and is accompanied by his acquaintances. He’s hiding on an old farm just south of Sandy Shores. The first step is to eliminate his gangsters (3 three of them) in the quickest time you can. Then take out Tupper by using stun guns while Tupper is escaping from your sight.

In Larry’s delivery to Maude, the delivery will include an engaging conversation between Larry and Trevor. They’ve known one for a long time; however, money is just money.

3. Glen Scoville.

This fugitive isn’t one but an alleged flyer! He’s on a high on Mount Chiliad, with a parachute on his shoulders and a friend filming the fugitive. To keep the fugitive alive, it is necessary to wait for Glen to drop down and then leap yourself.

Follow him in the air, and when you reach the ground, you can leap on the top of Scoville to capture him.

If you fail to grasp this you can cut Glenn off using stun guns.

4. Curtis Weaver.

The last suspect is in a homeless camp close to Mount Chiliad. He also has a gun and is ready for a battle. However, you must remember that you’ll require stun guns if you intend to kill Curtis alive.

If you hand over Weaver to Maude, you’ll have an informal goodbye talk with her during which she tells you some details about herself and what she hopes to achieve.

In the following months Maude will no further assignments for Maude She is retiring.

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Map Fugitive in GTA 5

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