GTA 5: Lowriders Custom Classics

The 16th free upgrade is available to GTA 5 and Online, available as additional content (DLC) known as Lowriders: Custom Classics for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Date of release: March 15 2016.

It’s basically it’s sequel, and is also it is the second installment in the DLC “”.

The new vehicles

Vapid Slamvan ($395,000 van) and Dundreary Virgo Classic (oil car). Another option to The Willard Faction is another tuning option that is an individual Donk that makes the car up.

Weapons of the future

A rifle with a shorter barrel (automatic) and double shotgun with a barrel ($15,450 shotgun).


New lowrider-style clothing costume, tattoos, costumes and hairstyles.

New mode available in GTA Online

The games have a brand new “Sumo” mode, where you must make your opponent leave the circle in order to be the winner.

Interesting facts:

In the final section of the “Lowriders An Original classic” trailer, there’s a hint that there will be more lowrider-related content will be released very soon.

Download now for MOBILE!

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