Pacific Standard

The Pacific Standard heist is the fifth heist to be found in GTA Online. It’s an old-fashioned bank heist with the potential for huge profits and the complexity, of course.

This is a heist that involves four people. four individuals, the total prize is $500,000 (easy)/$1,000,000 (medium)/$1,250,000 (hard), according to the difficulty. The price of the preparatory activities for the head of team is $100,000..

In other words, We strongly recommend you to get your Body armor up to the maximum.

1. Assignment for Preparation: Vans.

You’ll need to get a mail van that has an RFID transponder that could be utilized to reprogram, hack and deactivate ID bombs. The van you’ll need to be located among the others. It’s quite a fun assignment.

Your team is split into two parts which are navigators and drivers. The work must be coordinated; there should be voice communications between the players.

In the beginning, you must identify the correct mail van. Then, the drivers drive, and the navigators employ the Trackify application on your smartphone and look for the targets (red dots on the radar) and inform you of the best way you need to go. Once the van is located, the navigator starts Snapmatic, the Snapmatic app, and snaps pictures of the license plate.

After all license plates are taken, Lester analyzes them and determines which one you should get. Take the vehicle and drive until you reach the destination. Nobody will be able to harm you, so it’s a breeze.

Bonus Unlocked Brute Boxville to purchase.

2. Preparatory Mission Signal.

You must deliver the transmitter (transponder) to Avi Schwartzman, who will modify it to match the frequencies of paint bombs. However, Avi is hiding, which means you’ll have some issues.

Your team isn’t divided into teams; everybody works as a team.

It is recommended to complete the task during daylight hours. The first step is to head to the point and take off on our water bike. We head to the ocean and discover the island on which Schwartzman hides. The problem is that the island is filled with police officers. In addition, there is a helicopter in the air.

Therefore, you should take a landing on a small island close by and then shoot every visible target using Sniper rifles. Make sure to take out the helicopter using a rocket launcher.

Then, take a landing in the middle of the islands to complete the remaining objectives. Next, you need to go to the blue marker to collect Avi. Then, we must get him to his location, along the mountain river until the lake. When you do this, there is a countdown timer in operation.

Because the boat can accommodate four people, one person in your group will need to stand in it, which is a risk. You can also take one of the jet skis parked near the boat and ride it.

When you’re at the lake, you must get rid of your search star. For this, you must not go anywhere but instead head towards the lake’s center and then wait for the police to flee from you.

After you have dropped off the trail, hop into your car and take off to your destination.

3. Preparatory Quiz The Burglary.

You’ll need to “borrow” the equipment used in burglaries from a burglary team from Wynwood. You’ll need to remove guards, move the equipment into your vehicle and hand it over to Paige.

The team is split into three players: one is the carrier, and the three other players are distractions.

In the white van and drive towards Wynwood. You’ll need to take on the enemy there, and there are plenty of them. Be especially vigilant to people who shoot upstairs.

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Then, when everyone is outnumbered, the driver can steal the equipment and drag it over to the black van. After that, the imitators of diversion get into the black van and leave, attracting the attention of the thieves; they are taken away. The carrier then waits in the alleyway until the noise subsides; he takes the white van away to safety.

The operation is considered to be completed when the equipment used in the burglary is brought to the scene, and the van in black is destroyed to provide evidence.

4. Convoy.

You have to steal military vehicles which contain thermal charges. These could be used to unlock armored doors within Pacific Standard. Pacific Standard.

Many things could go wrong in this mission, which is why it’s a good idea to stay with your team at all times and use voice communications to ensure that actions are coordinated. Also, keep in mind you’re wearing body armor, guns, and ammunition.

Take a walk to the spot of ambush. Ideally, you should do this in four vehicles. The more cars you place close to the bridge, the more effective. Convoys must be stopped and not destroyed. Should the correct truck goes off, the mission is likely to fail.

The first thing you’ll be able to see from the convoy is likely to be a helicopter. You should destroy it before the main group arriving and is subsequently surrounded. Take out the rest of the military.

Then, you take over the truck, and then the remaining group members take off in military vehicles to be escorted. The next step is to reach your location, avoiding the ever coming and arriving Merriweather warriors.

The truck must be delivered, and then put it onto the white marker that is in the hangar.

Bonus After completing this mission , you’ll receive the Savage helicopter to purchase.

5. Preparatory Question Motorcycles.

This is the final item to be done before the final race. You must purchase vehicles for your getaway. Take four sports motorcycles from Misfits and put them at the main entrance of Pacific Standard Bank. Pacific Standard Bank.

Your team works together.

Join the long-suffering Club known as the Misfits. Kill the entire group, but don’t employ explosives to prevent the destruction of the bikes.

You’re after Lectro the brand of sportsbikes rather than the standard choppers that the Missing Ones are so fond of.

Pay attention: you will need to bring your bikes to the spot, but cyclists can disrupt your journey by attacking you. To prevent this from happening, the best way to avoid this do not to have to turn left after leaving the camp, as your GPS advises. Instead, you should drive forward and then only turn left.

You’ll be on an adjacent street, which you will be able to avoid future collisions with bikers. You will also be able to transport your bikes back to the banks safely.

6. It was the Pacific Standard bank robbery itself.

Well, that’s it. Go into the bank branch in Wynwood, enter the vault, restrain staff and customers, and take off with the cash on motorcycles. It sounds healthy, but how do you work?

It’s going be very challenging in the real world. However, the rewards are worth it!

The team you are split into three teams: a hacker, bomber, and two guards.

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We go to the bank. When you get inside, the scene begins. Then, the people in the guardhouse will are killed by guards and threaten individuals in the banking establishment. Simply take aim toward them, or fire close to them, but be careful not to kill one of those blue dots. The bar on the corner to the right will show the degree of terror – if you fail to react in time, one of the staff members will hit the alarm button, and you’ll be in trouble.

Hacker and Bomber proceed to the basement. The bomber destroys the doors with explosives one at a time and after the second grille. One of the team members, “on guard,” can kill guards that climb the stairs.

The hacker walks to the terminal and then opens the door. There is the titanium gate which will be opened using an electric charge. The bomber and the hacker are inside the vault and begin to collect cash from tables. Then the alarm goes off.

After the money has been collected, the team will reunite near the entrance. Outside, all of the Los Santos Police Department is waiting to meet you. The whole San Andreas police force. All the police around the world, according to…

Keep the money in the bag. The bottom line of your account will be reduced if your bags are struck with bullets and damage the cash. Therefore, the chance of being “clean,” a maximum of $1,250,000, is tiny.

Unlock the doors and begin an armed battle with the police when you are ready. It is best to employ heavy weapons such as machine guns and rocket launchers. In the bank, staying too long isn’t permitted; therefore, you have to be moving towards motorcycles.

If you do get on the motorcycles, there will be body armor. Make sure to put it on. You must then determine what to get away using – motorcycles or a vehicle? Motorcycles are quick, agile, and easy to drive off-road. However, if you do an increased risk of being harmed, and the state’s law enforcement officers are following you. The car is more secure solid, and safe; however, you’re in it together, all four of you, and the driver needs to be a true Jason Statham in terms of controlling the vehicle.

Have you made your choice? Take a trip to the canyon. It’s an extremely long drive, and you’ll have an alarm clock running. The driver will be attacked extremely hard. It’s also cool to spot a fast car near you and use it to get out.

Go to the point that is near the canyon, the bridge, then you must jump off a cliff using a parachute, then take off down the river and then board an inflatable boat. After you’re in the Dinghy boat, you’ll eventually turn off your timer. Set sail out into the sea and then to your yellow marker.

That’s it.

Bonus The Principe Lectro motorcycle is currently available to purchase. Additionally, you receive an “You can’t touch this” shirt for completing any of the last 5 Heists with no damage.

Elite Challenge

– Complete the task in less than 10 minutes.

The NO NOOSE are the names used to describe.

No one on your team did not die.

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