GTA 5: Big Men and Other Thugs

Fourth free release available for GTA 5 and Online, known as additional content (DLC) named Executives and Other Criminals for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Release date: 15 December 2015 [1.3Gb Steam[1.3Gb Steam

Vehicles that are new:

Three new cars and 7 new vehicles.

Mamba ($995,000) Mamba ($995,000)

Nightshade ($585,000)

Verlierer ($695,000)

5 new boats.

2 new helicopters.

Weapons of the future:


The switchblade knife.

Real Estate:

Ten new apartment units.

New penthouses – 3.

Ability to design the interiors of penthouses.

A player can own up to five apartments at one time.

Criminal organizations:

Ability to stack companies, led by the boss who has hired the thugs. Organizations are assigned specific cases and events that are in free mode and bonuses.

Clothing for the new season:

New clothes come in 73 variations (34 male 39 women).

Download now for MOBILE!

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