Self Radio – How do I make my own radio in GTA 5?

In the wake of the release of GTA 5 on PC, players are given the opportunity to design their own radio known as Self Radio.

How to get it:

1. Open the Rockstar Games folder in your documents folder, for example: …\Users\[USERNAME]\My Documents\Rockstar Games\

2. Open the GTA V folder.

3. Open the User Music folder.

4. Copy or move (or create shortcuts) the MP3 audio you’re looking for (at at least 3 songs in the folder where radio can function).

Supported Format: MP3 | AAC (m4a) | WMA | WAV

Not supported: FLAC | OGG

5.Play the game.

6. Select Self Radio (by pressing Q).

GTA 5 should scan the music and then put it into the tracklist. If it isn’t, go to game settings, select the Audio tab, and then the full Scan and Quick Scan option.

Self Radio has three playback modes:

Series All songs are performed in the order they were recorded.

Random All songs are randomly shuffled order.

Radio The songs are played randomly arranged, however you can have a complete radio station that includes DJs, interludes, and advertisements with the exception that all songs you like are the ones you love.

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