Is the Benefactor Krieger really worth its $2.875 million? Better alternatives

The Benefactor Krieger is the most expensive standard supercars in the multiplayer game. It was added to GTA Online on September 12. Yes, the Scramjet along with the Vigilante indeed cost more; however, they’re odd vehicles, which is why we won’t include them.

Based on the opinions of some gamblers, the Krieger cost $2.875 million, is a surprisingly quick ride, and very enjoyable to drive. But is the novelty car worth the $2.875 million? Probably. However, let’s look at the things you can purchase in GTA Online for the same cost instead of the latest Krieger.

19th Volts (cheapest supercar)

If there aren’t charging stations all over your region, then having a few electric vehicles in your collection isn’t an awful idea. It’s expensive, but not an option. You’re driving along while listening to music, as you go… then, you are out of money! Don’t worry about it since everything is planned to locate the second one in the same bush just a few feet from you.

958 Pickup Rebel (the most affordable ride)

Okay, you could create something using electric vehicles; however, who needs more than a thousand old, damaged pickup trucks? This is an idea to put on amateur monster truck events in the local parks or empty lots and let anyone who wants to take on each other at a cost. Some people don’t want to see this. However, they don’t care about the competition. There are a lot of pickup trucks, and you’re required to find a way to use them.

9,583 broken bottles (melee weapons)

With 9583 broken bottles, that you can…um… (flips notecards) …well to illustrate recycling them, thus earning…far less than the amount you paid to the bottles originally…You should probably avoid buying the many damaged storage containers at all. Yes, a broken bottle could cost you as much as $300 at the local gun shop. The economy is a big issue in GTA Online is a weird thing.

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Five Plasmatrons (big laser gun, also known as one of the priciest guns in the world)

One plasmatron is great. However, five is more impressive. Do bodyguards surround you? Give out the remaining four plasmatrons. No one would, in fact, the person who is in control could think of coming up against you. You can also give these plasmons out to children for a fun New Year’s Day gift. Much better than broken glass bottle caps…

35 apartments for rent (housing at $80,000))

You can invest $2.875 million to purchase 35 affordable houses and apartments and then lease them to people in need for the cost of a small amount. You can also reside in one place for a while before moving to another one once it’s too filthy. In either case, you’ll be able to find something you can do with all the private property you own, even if it isn’t the best.

Two underground bunkers hidden from view (starting cost for the bunker base will be $1.165 million)

Think about this The GTA Online world GTA Online; you can purchase two fully-equipped underground bunkers (with staff and all that) for the cost of one supercar. The economy is a factor in GTA Online…no comments.

There are 410,714 packs of Redwood cigarettes (one pack costs $7)

If you buy just the half amount, You can lease a small kiosk and begin selling Redwood cigarettes for just $9. You’ll not only get your cashback and earn some money from making money selling cigarettes. You could even get invited to an evening talk show to discuss your accomplishments. As an example, in the past, there was a guy on TV who was trying to make an idea for a business from many broken bottles… He is now a resident of Rockford Hills.

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You are able to purchase a brand new Benefactor Krieger if your heart desires one. As per GTA Online Car Expert Broughty is that it appears that the Krieger is an excellent car with reasonable control and performance. You’ll have the chance to win at minimum some races, if not all.

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