Cheetah in GTA 5

Cheetah is among the fastest supercars of Grand Theft Auto 5. The car is present in all GTA series. The name of the car literally translates to Cheetah.

In all areas of GTA the sports car looks similar to Ferrari Testarossa. By by the way, in every area of the game the appearance of this car is a reflection of the time of its creation.


Based on the car’s appearance, you could believe that the motor is located in the rear; however, when playing GTA 3 and Vice-City, you may have noticed that the engine is located in the front. It is most likely due to some limitations in the software. Due to the engine’s location in front, the car appears to be very different from the Testarossa, where the engine is situated at the back. It is located in San-Andreas, and the replica of this supercar is precise, making it closer to the actual car.


The Cheetah sports car is less powerful in terms of acceleration and top speed than other, better-prepared vehicles; however, its braking and handling are excellent. Because of its lower seating position, the car can press very well against the pavement, making it almost flotation-free. It is also beneficial when you turn when you are speeding, and the car is less likely to slide over.

Cheetah is among the fastest vehicles in GTA 5 that can compete against sports cars like Adder, Entity FX, Zentorno, and other vehicles. Its impressive top speed and acceleration make it suitable for various events in GTA Online. The low base and excellent brake system allow the car to go through more sloping corners at high speeds and give you the chance to take on other sports vehicles.