GTA Online Payment Cards – Shark Card

“Shark” Cards available in GTA Online have become almost the primary source of revenue for the developers and publishers of Grand Theft Auto 5.

The micropayment system was first introduced in the early days of the game’s launch on consoles of the last generation and later moved to the modern consoles and PC. Its name Shark means Shark and each payment card is a representation of the species of shark that actually exists.

The economy is set up so that people who purchase Shark Cards and those who don’t are the same, as cash can’t be used to purchase levels or experience.

There are currently the following credit cards for payment: are in use:

Red Shark 100,000 GTA$ (100 rubles)

Tiger Shark: 200,000 GTA$ [price 165 rubles]

The Bull Shark: 500,000 GTA$ [price 279 rubles[price 279 rubles

Great White Shark: 1 250 000 GTA$ (price 559 rubles)

Whale Shark 3.500 000 GTA$ (price 1 429 rubles)

Megalodon Shark 8.000 000 GTA$ [price of 2 799 rubles”

Sometimes, in conjunction with the launch of new cards, developers will add new payment options in GTA 5. You can purchase cards in GTA 5’s game (Home > Shop) or through Steam or at Rockstar Warehouse. After purchase, the card value is automatically transferred to your game character’s bank account.

The Shark Cards on Steam purchase is intriguing because there are frequent discounts on cards with large denominations, and the creators themselves also offer discounts and sales days on their cards when they’re in the mood.

Very interesting: The original game was released with just the initial four cards. Whale Shark was added in December 2013 along with Megalodon Shark in March 2014. In spite of the apparent commercial successes, the majority of GTA Online players view payment cards a negative view.