Useful features in Grand Theft Auto 5

The well-known game GTA5 offers a variety of interesting features that not everyone is acquainted with. Here are six tips to make playing the game more fun.

Two-wheeled vehicles

There is a cable car station close to Mount Chiliad, and you can always find a bicycle. It is necessary to take it to the cable car, then ride up. It is also possible to use a bicycle to descend the mountain. If you’re planning to ignore the rules and fall off the mountain, bring your own parachute.

Two-wheelers can be transported with pickups. To facilitate loading, it is necessary to get into the trunk, then lift the rear door. Then, you need to climb on the bike and then climb into the compartment for luggage. The bike will hold up well inside. However, it’s not recommended to go into tight corners rapidly.

Look for the parachute’s location on the map

The parachute is located at the station for cable cars at the summit of Mount Chiliad and can also be located in the tower crane arrow located near the Mile High Club apartment building. It can take a long time to ascend it; however, it’s worthwhile as the views are stunning. If you don’t want to spend your time on it, buy the parachute of your choice in the shops of Ammu-Nation or buy it with a cheat code.

The immortality of a character

If you’re playing Trevor, the fictional character Trevor and you leap from an air vehicle at a high altitude only to realize you have no parachute, you are very fortunate. Engaging Mr. Flip’s skills before landing on the ground is necessary. If you do, the fall from any height won’t harm your character.

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Swimming underwater

Its underwater environment is richly detailed. The underwater world is extremely detailed in Grand Theft Auto 5, and you’ll be rewarded by using firearms, ammunition, or body armor. In previous patches, some cases had cash on the bottom. However, Rockstar eliminated this option in the latest patch.

The flippers and wetsuits are currently only available to those participating in the story mission. However, you can buy a scuba tank and mask. You need to jump into an underwater vessel or even the most regular vessel.

The aqualung permits the user to be submerged for an indefinite amount of time. This means that you do not need to return for characters to get again. You need to be in the driver’s seat and then dive into the ocean to access the equipment. It’s the Space Bar that you press. The Space Bar button is responsible for diving underwater.

Free Car Repair

There are instances when you’ve broken your suspension or engine, and you cannot move at your average speed. You’ll need to switch characters before returning to your own in these instances. If you don’t complete the tasks required, this can repair your vehicle, but the windows could remain damaged. Sometimes, this kind of manipulation can cause the car to vanish however this happens extremely rarely.

“Boeing 747”

In the game Grand Theft Auto, you can fly the biggest planes that resemble Boeing 747s. These planes can be seen on display at Los Santos Airport. If you’ve already bought garages that are not a crime, the police will issue any apprehension.

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To steal a plane, you must shoot at it. Once the pilot is removed from the cockpit, you can safely take off. Be cautious, however, because the pilot is extremely clumsy.

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