Easter eggs in Grand Theft Auto 5

The Easterlings are yet another attempt by the game’s creators to keep players staying for longer. There are a lot of new and exciting techniques to discover in every game of the games. GTA 5 game contains quite numerous passages and references. Now we’ll try to uncover the most important ones.

A cone for chicken instead of the comb

The most unusual thing happened to the bird’s statue at Palmetto Bay. You might initially think that vandals had damaged the figure from the streets. However, you’re incorrect. This cone refers to Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto III, in which you may have seen a similar road cylinder on the top of a statue. It was mentioned in GTA III it was part of vandalism, and during GTA IV, it was a joke at politicians. However, in GTA 5, this cylinder was placed by employees of the Cluckin` Bell restaurant, so the player did not notice that the feathered cylinder does not have a crest. A chicken without an ear comb appears like an eagle.

Snowy Yetty

In the mission dubbed “Predator,” you’re given a sniper rifle. You must turn on the thermal imaging device and then search the spruces for a massive representation of Bigfoot. Whatever number of times you shoot him, you’ll never be able to kill him. Eventually, the creature will vanish after a couple of minutes. If you complete the game without fail and you can defeat the character, Franklin will get an additional mission, dubbed “The Finale.” The player on this mission must locate the unknown Sasquatch persona; however, later, it will be revealed that he was a disguised human.

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Flying saucer

In the area of GTA 5, you can find five flying saucers. One of which is connected with the VineWood Mountain-themed restaurant. The other four flying saucers have been believed to be aliens. There’s a chance you’ve witnessed one of them in the ocean’s depths close to Palmetto Bay. Many people are unaware that this particular UFO bears an inscription written in Latin However, it’s difficult to read on the PC version.


At Mount Gordo, at midnight, you can glimpse the silhouette of a ghostly woman. In the area where she stands, there is the word “Jock,” which is written with blood. The inscription is about one of the contenders for mayor in Los Santos, more specifically, John Cranley. Also, there is a camping area underneath the cliff, and you may feel the shouts and screams of the woman who fell off the rock. Finally, in the vastness of the internet, there is a website. On this site, you can read an article on a bizarre murder. If you click on the banner, you’ll find an excerpt from an article in a newspaper published on the 15th of March 1978. The newspaper reported on an accident that occurred to John’s wife.

Huge skeleton

In the vicinity near the town of Los Santos, you’ve probably encountered a terrifying thing. If you go to a spot on the map and then go beneath the water, there’s a skull of a giant sea creature, but it’s the skeleton of the whale. The story was circulated by those who were ignorant of zoology. However, there weren’t any whales in that version as of yet.

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The secret locations and items hidden in GTA 5 are not all unique stories connected to the game’s gameplay. Some become recognizable phenomena or references to earlier Grand Theft Auto releases. However, they make the game seem more “alive” and interesting and make you think repeatedly, even feeling the thrill of goosebumps and fear.

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