GTA 6 leaked image “confirmed” after being found in San Andreas Definitive Edition

GTA gamers might have seen the first leak of Rockstar’s forthcoming GTA 6 without being aware of that, if this source is believed to be true.

The game was announced in November 2021. the first image that was reported to be of the. The game was still officially revealed by Rockstar, and it was understandably some skepticism floating around about the game.

However, a separate GTA Twitter account may have squelched some doubts by suggesting that this image in question is the first official photo of the game.

GTA Six leak proves to be real

Many social media websites are dedicated to reporting on and giving the inside scoop on the work of developers, and it fits into this category.

They track everything connected to the activities done by Rockstar Games and, in a new tweet, have made it clear that the elusive GTA 6 image is not an actual leak.

Translated into English, they say, “After a few months. I’ve had confirmation that this image comes from the next installment within the Grand Theft Auto series. The location in the game is based in the American suburb of Hollywood in Florida. Perfection!

After a few months. I was confirmed that this image is from the next title of the Grand Theft Auto series.

The location in the game is possibly inspired by the near American suburb of Hollywood – Florida.


— Matheusvictorbr- (@Matheusbr9895_)

The picture was seen at first in the infamous and devious GTA, the GTA. Fans quickly spotted the house, which bore an eerie resemblance.

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Although it was an account linked to the distribution to all Rockstar news, and, GTA 6 onwards, certain responses were skeptical to believe that the image was indeed from GTA 6.

This is 100% ahouse] that is from L.A Noire. The same house is in The DLC Galvanoplastie Nicholson, claimed one user. However, this theory was also challenged. Another user stated: suggesting that the image leaked isn’t a hint to GTA 6.

Then at the end of the day, unless this footage is officially released or is used in a trailer for the game, it is all speculation for the time being.

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