Fighters in GTA 5

The first fighter plane was seen in the San Andreas game. The plane was called the Hydra plane, located in one Air Force base. It brought a great deal of excitement to gamers of all kinds. Unfortunately, there were no planes in the fourth section of Grand Theft Auto because the map was not enough. After a while, players, waiting for the fifth and final part of Grand Theft Auto, found out that the game’s developers added fighters! In the coming days, we will be talking more about them.

Lazer P-996

Since the start of the gameplay, just one fighter was revealed; it was the Lazer P-996. The design of this plane was the famous Air Force plane – the F16 fighter. Therefore, it was not a surprise that it was the fastest vehicle in the fifth portion of GTA and is the second-fastest plane within the entire Grand Theft Auto series of games which is second only to the Hydra.

The Lazer P-996 fighter has great maneuverability; however, it can also change direction quickly. When you add all of this to the required requirements to take off and land the aircraft, we discover that it’s the best plane to play with in the game.

The weapon is fitted with regular cannons that be fired continuously. It is also important to note that it can launch thermal missiles that can be self-targeted. The ammunition used by this aircraft is so potent that it can destroy the tank in just two shots.

The system for defense of this fighter isn’t the best because it lacks heat traps that can’t deflect missiles from the enemy in the event of an attack.

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Based on the concept of the developers, the fighter plane was supposed to have been in the game at the start of the game. The developers showed the plane in the two game trailers released just before its launch. Fans were shocked to learn that their favorite aircraft was not in the game. In addition, the designers ignored the famous disappearance plane. We can conclude that the developers hid the plane in the game’s expansions based on our speculation. It was soon enough, and then they included in GTA Online the fighter plane that everyone knows as the Hydra.

Hydra is the inverse of Harrier I. Harrier II, equipped with the ability to take off vertically and thermal traps. The Hydra is slightly better than Lazer P-996 Lazer P-996 in top speed, but since it’s slightly heavier, it is inferior in its speed and control. The fighter is also equipped with two guns:

  1. Conventional missiles fired by planes launch one unguided rocket on each side. While they do not have homing capabilities, they’re not difficult to hit if you know the impact accurately.
  2. Thermal missiles. All you need is simply to point in the direction of the target, and the missile will follow it regardless of whether it changes direction. They are, however, less effective than regular ones.

The aircraft’s equipment includes heat traps that disorient missiles that are homing at it.

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