GTA Online: Upcoming update with return of Franklin and music by Dr. Dre

In March, Rockstar Games’ successful GTA Online will be getting new story missions. In addition, one of the principal characters of Grand Theft Auto 5 () will be added to GTA Online’s online game. Musician and rapper Dr. Dre will also participate in the update and provide new tracks for the game.

The 15th of December is when an update called “The Contract” is scheduled to be released on the GTA Online website. This update will allow you to experience new missions featuring Franklin Clinton and learn what his activities have been following the events of GTA 5 APK. He’s gotten a job in the world of music and has established the agency he owns. One of his most prominent clients is the world-renowned hip-hop artist Dr. Dre.

The rapper’s not making his first time within his part of the GTA world. He made an earlier performance in “Cayo Perico-Heist,” an assignment in GTA Online released in the year 2000. The proceeds from “The contract” will assist Dr. Dre to recover his music that was never released, and ended up in an unintended hands.

In addition, there will be new songs produced by Dr. Dre in Los Santos.

The radio stations are set to be upgraded to incorporate new music by the rapper and a “top-notch range of musicians.” In addition, with the upgrade, it is possible to anticipate a new radio station that will feature unique guest hosting. “The Contract” adds new features to the game. It’s been announced that the addition of two weapons introduced include The Compact EMP Launcher and the Stun Gun. Alongside, new cars such as those of the Enus Jubilee and the Dewbauchee Champion are also available to purchase. The expansion to GTA 5 Portable multiplayer will come free. But, the in-game currency has to be used to buy the new content , including automobiles, weapons, and real property.