Grand Theft Auto 5: PS5 implementation postponed to March 2022

Los Santos and Blaine County aren’t coming to life in the PlayStation 5 until a little later: Grand Theft Auto 5 () and Grand Theft Auto Online will not be released by Rockstar for the current PlayStation console until March 2022, according to.

A new addition to the list is “a range” of graphical and technical enhancements, such as performance optimizations for specific cars in GTA Online.

“To get ready for the release in the coming months, existing and new PlayStation Plus members can continue to enjoy additional benefits, for example, GTA$1,000,000* per calendar month for GTA Online on the PlayStation 4 version of GTA Online until the game launches to PlayStation 5 in March 2022. You can get GTA$1,000,000 per month through the PlayStation Store.

In addition, the latest stand-alone version GTA Online can be downloaded for free exclusive to PS5 in the beginning 3 months following the release in March 2022 (GTA V does not require a subscription to play).

* PS Plus required. Limit to GTA$1,000,000 per participant per month.
* Offer valid for 3 months beginning March 2022. PS Plus required to play (subscription costs apply).

We also think it won’t affect GTA 5 Portable players as the graphics update has been implemented in their version of the game last week.

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