GTA: How did the Epic Store giveaway help improve views?

Epic Games Store has long been an institution to the ears of gamers everywhere who love giveaways. Recently the store offered all customers the chance to win a free GTA game V. How did this affect the opinion of gamers? Positively.

The launch of Grand Theft Auto V took place in the year 2013. At the time of its release, the game was groundbreaking and instantly turned the world on the wrong side of the table. A few years later, the creators of GTA did not forget their invention and often launched new content and did not let anyone become bored.

In the past year, the game has already been a hit twice. First, the main reason for this “boom” came from the role-playing feature embraced with great awe by almost every Western streamer. In a few months, we had a virtual world that was home to hundreds of streamers, and all of them had their unique character and fresh content for their viewers.

The second announcement of The game featured a gift from EGS. It’s not a secret that rumors of a brand new game in the Grand Theft Auto series have been floating around on the internet for some time. Evidently, with the release of the fifth installment of the series, the developers decided to enlist the attention of gamers; however, did it succeed?

The statistics show positive trends for this project. We examined the number of people watching and channels that are on Twitch over two weeks and then after two weeks of giving away free copies of the game.

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First Peaks. The maximum amount of viewers that can be seen during the period you choose

The number of people who have been increased

In the same way, the most popular channels within the category were not the same time, since the first week following the distribution was the most-watched.

If you examine the averages, the picture is similar. The average amount of viewers in the category on Twitch is

The increased week following week

The second week following that giveaway was most viewed. However, the number of channels was highest the first week following the giveaway. Then, we observe an increase in the number of channels.

The hours of viewing are the same as the viewer statistics. The following week following the game’s broadcast for GTA 5 in Android was improved by nearly 25 percent. This is particularly interesting in the backdrop that the number of channels actively broadcasting in the week prior was less.

As you can see, the concept of giving away the game to draw attention is extremely enjoyable. It’s safe to say the designers of GTA V did not suffer significantly financially. The majority of fans, not just the game players, already have their version of this franchise. Don’t forget that inside Grand Theft Auto V, there are microtransactions. You can use real money to purchase currency for the game. This also provides an additional source of income to Rockstar Games.

The following overview is worth mentioning. The distribution of the game at EGS has been clear.

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This isn’t the final giveaway for an important game that is available on the Epic Store. Following GTA the famous turn-based strategy franchise Sid Meier’s Civilization and, more specifically its sixth installment is under the glare of the giveaway.

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