GTA Online: “The Cayo Perico Heist” in the trailer

Rockstar Games would like to inspire you about “The Cayo Perico Heist” by releasing the next trailer. The most significant expansion to GTA Online so far will come out on December 15th.

The latest heist has been set in a stunning location. It’s about getting into a secure mansion. It is possible to solve this “Heist” in a single session or a group of at least four others. There is also “The Music Locker” as a brand new “Social Space,” more radio stations featuring more significant than 100 music tracks, many vehicles, brand new weapons, and a massively equipped submarine that serves as the headquarters. We don’t yet know the release date for Cayo Perico Heist for GTA 5 on Play Store but we do believe it is going to follow the main versions rather sooner than later.

Rockstar Games: “Cayo Perico is a remote, isolated island hundreds of miles away, far from Los Santos. It is the home of El Rubio, the biggest drug trafficker in the world and a supplier for members of the Madrazo family. At Cayo Perico, anything is allowed. However, Cayo Perico is the home of the drug empire run by El Rubio. The island is also their second passion of his and hosts endless dance parties along sandy beaches where everyone from wealthy heiresses to jet-setters to legendary music producers get together to dance until the sun rises. However, far from the beach and its enticing delights, vast wealth in shape, as well as jewels, drug money, and jewelry, are scattered across the island. If you can can get in the most lucrative cash haul of their life is just around the corner. ”

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Heists and Co. have been made available to the public as a free update from Rockstar Games. The question is whether they will adhere to the same rules in Heists and Co. Cayo Perico Heist is yet to be determined. Meanwhile, there will be even more solo content available in GTA V Android and iOS online.

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