Grand Theft Auto 5: More solo content planned for GTA Online

To play GTA Online, the most significant update, “The Cayo Perico Heist,” was launched the week before. The heist can be played by a group of players or by yourself. Tarek Hamad (Director of Design Production) and Scott Butchard (Design Director: World & Content) from Rockstar Games spoke in the context of the magazine regarding more solo content for GTA Online.

Scott Butchard: “It’s something we’ve been thinking about for some time, and the community was active about it. We really would like to keep going. We’d like to assist teams and players who wish to play cooperatively. Yet, at the same, we would like to offer solo gamers the chance to enjoy just as great an experience. There are benefits to both. When you’re in a situation on your own, it’s 100% your own. It’s also easier to move around and plan without causing a fuss because you don’t need to depend on communications. When you have multiple players, you can separate and perform many things simultaneously. I’m sure you’ll be able to see this in [GTA] Online. I believe we’ll incorporate more single-player elements shortly.”

Then, Tarek Hamad was asked to confirm if Rockstar Games wanted to continue the single-player storytelling. His response is brief but unambiguous: “Absolutely!” But it’s not clear whether the statement is exclusive towards GTA Online or other Rockstar projects. After all, the interview was conducted within the framework of “The Cayo Perico Heist.”

In another interview, Butchard still explained that they’ve observed that although players want to interact with other players within similar GTA Online sessions over the last few years, they do not necessarily want to participate or experience all of the contents (together). The recent heists didn’t necessarily require a complete team (four participants).