Will we have NFT inside GTA 6? Take-Two talks about it

Take-Two’s chief executive officer has said that the company’s chief executive is “very convinced” of NFTs in games and the potential to adapt them to the future offerings of the company which includes GTA 6, Red Dead Redemption and many more.

NFTs are now a controversial issue in the video game industry. This is because the blockchain powers these digital games, and some of the highest priced NFTs can fetch million of dollars. But, a large portion of the public isn’t too enthused about NFTs. For example, Ubisoft was greeted with many negative reviews for the debut of Ubisoft Quartz, and the people were furious when Nintendo disclosed its plans for developing NFTs.

Now, Take-Two has shown the same interest in NFTs this is a move which may not be enough to convince everyone in the community.

NFT In GTA 6 and other Take-Two titles?

In an interview, Chief Executive Officer Strauss Zelnick talkedo a bit about NFTs and their opportunities in the coming Take-Two titles.

We believe that NFTs are real, and “why would they not want to be? We support digital products and have sold digital goods for a long period of” said the man. We believe in rarity because of that rare item, and we are a believer in collecting items. Our concern is with the speculation about it.”

“We are determined to ensure that our customers have the best experience with each interaction with our items. And losing money through investment is not a pleasant experience, so we’ll be avoiding it. However, we’re certain that there will be the potential to use NFTs to be integrated into the offerings of Take-Two shortly”.

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In the light of an announcement of this quality, What is the best way to make NFTs be used in games such as GTA 6? In the early part of February 2022, we got confirmation that the game was coming out. Thus, a collection of this sort will be available. In general, NFTs are viewed as a practical point of perspective within video games However, whether they will be included within GTA 6 is one of the most important questions currently.

There’s a chance. However, we’ll need to watch whether Zelnick and Take-Two choose to incorporate it while pleasing the gamers and avoiding a rift in the gaming community.

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