What is GTA+? Premium rewards for members March 2022

Rockstar Games has announced the launch of a premium club that is available to GTA Online players on Xbox X | S Series and PlayStation 5 consoles called GTA + and we will give you the full rewards.

It’s a bit absurd, but it’s available for the next generation consoles, and Rockstar has decided to offer the most committed gamers an early start with the subscription service, which aims to provide them with a variety of advantages.

The service will be launched on March 29 and provide GTAPlus subscribers receive an amount of $500,000 in their game accounts at the same time and many other benefits.

We will tell you everything you must be aware of about the service and the benefits we’ll receive.

How do I sign up to GTA+ on PS5 and Xbox X Series | S

To be able to subscribe to the service, we need to be a member of GTA V and GTA Online with an account with the capability to make payments. Users can purchase GTA+ through the PlayStation Store on PS5 or the Microsoft Store. Each month costs 5,99 EUR, and we can stop anytime and at any point, we’d like.

It currently appears that there is no discount for subscribing for more than a month. This is the reason; perhaps it’s better to look at the benefits we can enjoy throughout the month we would like to join.

GTA+ rewards from March 2022

GTA+’s first month GTA+ will starta on March 29 and remain in operation until April 27. The rewards we will receive for the first month are the following:

  • 500 000 GTAdollars on the account of our Maze Bank account
  • Principe Deveste Eige and Hao’s special Work upgrade will be released before being accessible to the general public. Additionally, it will include the Orange Flipe and CMYK Distortion covers.
  • The workshop held at La Mesa will give us access to numerous information updates on Los Santos Tuners. Additionally, workshop owners can move into La Mesa completely free of cost.
  • The suspension of LS Car Meets fees. Additionally, Car Meet members who attempt GTA+ will be eligible for the benefit of a $50,000 GTA refund throughout the event.
  • Should we possess a vessel, we’ll be able to transform it into the Aquarius superyacht with no additional cost.
  • The Gusset T-shirt, as well as it’s Broker Prolaps basketball shirts and shorts, will be automatically added to your closet.
  • Conveyor cover for Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC and the TM-02 Khanjali.
  • A collection of free emblems and paints is available from the workshops.
  • The X3 GTA$ as well as the RP are in Hao’s Special Works
  • series.
  • X2 Car Meet reputation in the race series for urban drivers
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And that’s it! Here’s everything you should be aware of concerning this GTA+ service. We’ll update the information each month, so keep an eye on us.

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