Valheim: More than two million sales in less than two weeks

Valheim continues to sell like hotcakes. The survival game has sold more than two million copies less than two weeks since its Early Access launch. On the 10th day of February, one million copies had been sold.

On Friday (February 13), on its own, the game sold more than 275,000 copies. The most number of concurrent users on Steam to date was 360,000. The press announcement states that Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio bring out the biggest guns to be compared immediately and note that Valheim has already surpassed the record-setting numbers in GTA 5 and Destiny 2 in terms of concurrent users – although it is essential to note that both games also available on different platforms.

“We did not anticipate this. The intention was to fund the development costs to exist as a studio and develop Valheim. I believe that our future is secure for a time,” said Richard Svensson, the Iron Gate Studio’s CEO. Iron Gate Studio. “Valheim wasn’t created in a hurry. This is the product of over three years of continuous development, with constantly evolving features being tested by a core group including early adopters. As a designer, I do not like to stick to the established rules. However, I try to do things my method. This seems to be working.”

Four major thematic updates are scheduled to be released in the coming months to this year’s Early Access version. There is time Odin is looking forward to it, and there are plenty of resources, including player interactions in multiplayer, enhancements to combat lunar phases, tar pits Svartalfr brigades, inventory improvements, as well as more exclusive locations as well as a sandbox game mode Munin (Raven from Odin together with Hugin), will be added to the. This Early Access phase is expected to last for at least one year. It is unclear how the tremendous success of the project will alter this plan.

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