Unique planes in Grand Theft Auto 5

At the beginning of our article about planes available in Grand Theft Auto 5, we just listed a tiny portion of the planes available to players in the. This article will not tell you about all the planes available in the game because there are numerous types and models.

Buckinghum Luxor

It’s a private plane with a similar appearance to the Shamal with the same characteristics but different in color. It’s unsuitable for racing as it’s not maneuverable. It is less controlled and slows speed. It’s good for regular point-to-point flights. It also looks more attractive than a standard Shamal.


This model was first introduced in an update to the Flying School update. The passenger jet doesn’t possess the most desirable characteristics due to its dimensions and is quite bulky in its weight. This aircraft model is prolonged to reach its maximum speed, and it has poor maneuverability.The Miljet differs from other aircrafts in that it’s pretty robust and robust on the ground.


This is a lightweight aircraft with a decent performance. The advantage over other aircrafts is that the Velum is good controllability and agility and can rapidly alter its flight direction. Due to problems with wings that are long, its maneuverability can be a bit of a “limp,” but it does have to be a crucial factor – stability in the air.


It’s not overly large and weighs the least in comparison to aircrafts that are in GTA V. Great for aerial stunts incredible controllability with great maneuverability and light weight.


A quite small plane with the slowest speed of any aircraft in use. This type of aircraft is employed in the field of agriculture. It requires as long as seven seconds and an extremely long runway to get off. But, despite its invalid parameters, it can maintain decent controllability.