Top 5 fastest helicopters in GTA 5

The helicopter is a unique vehicle for aerial travel that comes with its own unique control system. Everybody has thought about which helicopter has the highest speed? Here’s a list of the five helicopters with the fastest speeds that are in the game!


This list starts by introducing the SuperVolito helicopter, which is part of Buckingham, the game’s in-game firm Buckingham. The helicopter was in the expansion “Big Guys and Thugs”. .

SuperVolito Carbon

It is the exact helicopter that was used in the previous. However, they differ because the aircraft is constructed with a Carbon fashion. It also has the top speeds of around 260km/h, but it’s apparent that it’s still just a few units quicker in actual use. The carbon finish on the aircraft makes it look more appealing so that you can take it up in the air. The handling is the same as the standard version. The only issue is the price of this helicopter costing $3.33 million.


The helicopter is made through the Buckingham company. The initial prototype for this aircraft is the Huey helicopter. The speed of the helicopter can exceed 265 km/h. .

Valkirie MOD.0

It was introduced in the same way like the normal Valkirie but it’s got no weapons. It’s the second fastest helicopter available in games. .


It’s the fastest helicopter on the market, and it’s included on our list of helicopters to consider. It’s manufactured by the same firm Buckingham. This helicopter is simply amazing in all aspects. It is a precise control and has a maximum speed of 300 km/h. It’s the top helicopter available. The price is around 2.3 million dollars.