Stephen Haynes Character History

Steven Haynes is an FBI agent in the city of Los Santos. A famous person who is known as a major bribe taker.


One day Haynes decided to accept his first job at his organization, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His career took off quickly, climbing to the top of the ladder and then becoming a commander of some very famous people. Someday Haynes is picked to join the group “The Raiders Of Paradise.” As the host of the show, Haynes and his team create a report on street fights between gangs and other incidents in the criminal world.

However despite the attention that the show has brought him-and his assistant Andreas Sanchez, who was his main contact, were already well-known as corrupt agents.


Then, Haynes gets the main characters involved in illegal snafussing. All of these activities were planned to trigger the SDC. The SDC hopes to leverage these actions to press the government to invest more funds into the FBI to achieve additional profits and promote his career.

The characters break into an undercover CIA home where they are required to abduct a prisoner. They then torture the man to gather details that eventually help locate the suspect, who is believed to have links to terrorists. When Haynes provides the details they require, Haynes convinces Trevor to murder the man. However, Phillips allows him to go, telling him to leave the country.

A bit later, Norton and Stephen reconnect with the main characters expected to stay at Sandy Shores township. They were trying to avoid the search for the leader of the cartels whom Trevor was kidnapping his wife. In the wake of Haynes’ report of the CIA was working on the neurotoxin needed for terrorist attacks, the FBI paid additional money. The main characters require funds to purchase equipment to carry out Stephen’s scheme. They sought out Lester to help them devise the plan, and he assisted them in putting together the project to carry out this bank robbery. While there were some minor problems during the time, the theft was successful.

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In all the activity and apprehension, they can steal the same neurotoxin. However, they are forced to fight as reinforcements have come in from the other side. To give the principal characters the free passage, Haynes has to shoot himself in the leg not to give his identity as an oath-breaker and delay the soldiers who were battling fire with the heroes in this.


You may have noticed that Haynes could easily be offered a bribe, and he was also not afraid to break the laws or statutes to advance his professional career. In the beginning, Stephen could be considered a decent person; however, when first meeting him, he revealed that he was an egoist who was only concerned about his work. Stephen was extremely violent and could never respond to allegations against him calmly. Stephen’s friend tried to convince Michael that they shared more in common than he believed. Then, he proved that Haynes does not take bribes at all compared to other workers.

Steve took advantage of the main characters as a way to force them to complete the dirty work but he later reveals his true intentions. In order to protect himself, he’s willing to let other people suffer.

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