Series A funding

“Series A – Financing” is the fourth series in which you work with Trevor Phillips and the company he runs, Trevor Philips Industries. The aim is to procure Mr. Phillips a big batch of drugs.

The price for the preparatory work will be 40,400 dollars. The total reward for the eventual win is $404,000/505,000/950,000 depending on the difficulty level chosen. It is an all-in four-person theft.

When you are preparing for the Series A-Financing heists It is important to know that you’ll need to be a competent driver Also, don’t be a fool not to wear an armour-proof vest prior to every assignment. It can be very useful.


1. The Preparatory Assignment Coke.

You must pick up coke bottles from a vessel in the sea, under the protection of serious men.

Your team is divided into two sections. One is in an inflatable boat, and the other in the helicopter. Trevor would like you to take on the air and water products.

The crew in the boat arrives at the side of the boat and climbs onto the deck. The goal is to gather all the coke bags (9 chunks) and take out everyone in the boat. A shotgun can be useful when you need to contend in a small area.

The helicopter crew sits on the pier and shoots at enemies using snipers. We do not advise taking a landing on the helicopter’s pad on the water since it’s difficult and could result in the possibility of hitting the ground. When the shooting begins, the police helicopters will show up Your job is to eliminate them using an RPG, as an instance.

After collecting all the goods , and then dropping the tail, go back in the store.

2. Assignment for Preparation: Garbage Truck.

It is important to decorate your product using tablets transported by the wagons into garbage bins.

Your team is split into two sections operating (driving) and garbage collection. The timer will start for ten minutes when you arrive at the first location. The driver should be aware that it is best to take the truck to the collection point backward to allow collectors to getaway.

The first step is first to take your garbage pickup. You have to eliminate all the garbage people in the parking lot to accomplish this. Then take all four inside the trash truck and drive the truck to the point.

In the beginning, you won’t be contacted. It’s just a matter of standing at the end of the line in yellow. and the pickers leap off, you take pills, place them back in the back, and go on driving.

In the second, vagos will attack you while you walk carrying the bags to the garbage trucks. The bags are are in 3 pieces therefore, don’t ignore them all. Do not worry about the wagons; simply drive to the next stop.

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There are already you have four baggies in the third spot. You can either combat the logos or try again to get rid of them.

You’ll have to collect three bags at the fourth and final stage.

After collecting, on the return journey You will be attacked by vagos inside vehicles. Eliminate these. Do not forget our suggestions for body armor.

3. Preparatory Task Bikers.

It’s an espionage mission where you have to break your way into the “Missing” bikers and take them out without sound or dust, then take two vans for medicine, and then deliver them to Ron.

The team isn’t divided into roles.

We first go to Trevor’s trailer, where he will give an unlimited number of guns equipped with silencers that you like for a tranquil “hunt.” We board an inflatable boat and set sail for Camp of the “Wronged.” We get off on the shore, walk up, and then begin the sweep.

The killing of bikers should and can be done quietly, whether in close combat or from a distance, however, with a silent weapon.

Once the camp has been cleared after it has been cleared, search for those vans (black vans bearing The Lost logo, parked on the north-facing portion of the campsite) and take them over. When you get to the warehouse, you’ll be attacked by motorcycle riders on motorcycles. They will require you to take on.

4. Practice Assignments: Grass.

You must enter a lumber mill and take two Benson trucks full of cocaine.

Visit the sawmill and begin fighting. It is possible to take out the Ballas by snipers and then battle with them. Some ballas hide inside pipes near the entrance to the mill.

You can take all the dots, but not take them out, but your primary target is trucks. Two team members are behind the wheel of the trucks, and the other two take off in an SUV equipped with stationary machine guns to guard the cargo.

Therefore, you should be able to get Benson to the warehouse, and your companions must be on your side to protect you from being stung by the balls.

There’s only one problem: the narrow and winding route from the sawmill to the road. It’s easy to slip and ruin the goal. Be aware, especially following the first tunnel. the road abruptly emerges with a narrow bridge that goes slightly towards the left.

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5. Preparatory Goal Preparation Quest: Snatching “Ice. ”

The O’Neil Brothers are making “ice” at their home. It is necessary to get in and decorate a tank with materials to start your manufacturing.

Visit the farm. You will be instructed to take out the dealers. Utilize your sniper rifle to get rid of the area as much as possible before moving ahead.

In the event of fighting inside the home, it’s best to shoot with a shotgun and submachine gun. It’s not difficult to take out an unarmed redneck.

If they grant permission to take the tanker (large and orange), One person assumes the responsibility of driving and hooks it up with trucks, while other participants fight the rivals. After the tanker has been secured and hooked, head to the fuel station.

Once the hitch is secured, the tanker is hitched, and a countdown timer begins (3 minutes). If the tanker suffers enough damage, it can burst into flames. Your companions must keep the truck secure from attacks.

6. The actual heist.

You must get to the warehouse to assist with moving two vans filled with “substances.” The process appears simple, but the “kents” are not happy. The Ballas, the Vagos, the bikers, and the brothers O’Neil have figured out when and where the transport will occur. So.

The team is split in two parts Sentinels (north) and the sentinels (south).

It is necessary to reach the warehouse and make your way near the entrance gateā€”one team in the south and the other team to the north. In the event of a confrontation, enemies will be able to drive up in vehicles and take away with grenades and rocket launchers. When the first wave is completed, two players are placed in the drug truck, and two are in off-road Technical to protect them.

Each truck will be equipped with the damage scale, and the countdown timer will begin.

You’ll constantly be sprayed by helicopters, cyclists on motorcycles, and everyone other… The person who sits in front of the gun cannot take a break. First, shoot helicopters immediately upon their appearance.

At some point, you’ll have to drive the vans towards the lighthouse and then enjoy the final scene that features Trevor.

Bonus Unlocks Karin Technical and Mule for purchase.

Elite Challenge

– Completed in just 6:30.

Kill more than 75 enemies.

No person in your group has died.

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