Sanctuaries in GTA V: Franklin’s Auntie House

The location where the actors’ characters are preserved is often known as shelter. It doesn’t matter if the shelter is a refrigerator or a lavish mansion. The number of such dislocations significantly decreased in the fifth chapter of Grand Theft Auto, but the developers paid more excellent care to the exterior and interior. In the previous version of GTA, shelters were the areas of great importance which is why they merit an enormous amount of attention; it is essential not to overlook any detail. The new features are available within the shelters: in addition to saving and sleeping, the main character can also be glued to the TV, seated on computers, changing their clothes and drinking alcohol, or smoking. Trivia? It’s not really. The Internet has made life easier for the player. With the help of it, you can complete many tasks. We’ve discussed this in our previous posts.

The distinctive feature of these shelters in the fifth portion of the gameplay was that additional people – their relatives or family members – can reside in the homes along with the three characters.

The house is equipped with a kitchen and an open-plan living space with a bong for smoking. You can sit and watch television in the living area and enjoy a drink on the sofa. An aunt can use the room who also sits on the couch or does some exercise. There are various sleeping spaces in the sanctuary that belong to the Hero. for a restful night To sleep, head to the first door to the left when you enter the home. In it you will find a room with various things like a personal computer, as well as a bed. The house typically plays hip-hop music.

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There is a garage with one car next to the property. There is a small pocket close to the garage where Franklin’s car and motorcycle are kept. If you go to the backyard, you’ll discover a dog’s kennel. It will initially be unoccupied, but a furry friend named Chop will show up after a specific assignment. Nearby is a shop with guns and a shooting gallery. It’s and is also the only one in the entire strip club. Nearby is a detached garage and a tow truck impound lot that you could later sell to use as real estate. The airport and downtown are both within a short distance.

But don’t get excited,

This place will cease to be accessible

quite fast. This is because upon the completion of the “Murder very quickly. Hotel” mission, the entire contents of your home and your transportation and your pet will be moved to a different location located in the hills. Franklin receives an email from his aunt, telling him not to appear at her house ever again. The house will be locked to the brave if you come back to the house following the removal. In the back of the house, you’ll receive a text message from your “favorite” aunt who had changed locks for the door. However, Franklin is entitled to half the house, but your aunt doesn’t notice that. Now you can save money and spend time at your new residence located in the mountains.