Sanctuaries in GTA V: Franklin House in Vinewood Hills

Franklin’s house, situated within the Vinewood Hills neighborhood, the next area that becomes accessible for the player to explore when they advance in the course of the game and have completed missions. This is the first home handed to you by the hero Lester. The mission will have three characters in one. The participant will join the federal security service who are eager to crack the IAA and obtain a hint from the federal government.

In this mission, the heroes will carry out a significant task using firearms and the character’s skills. The players will alternate as the character’s leader whenever needed. The agility of each of them is vital when it comes to this game. The task isn’t straightforward: you need to be able to take someone as the hostage and then kill the enemy, and then during the flight, you’ll have to take down helicopters that are coming at you. A high accuracy shooting (not lower than 60 percent) will allow you to complete the mission in search of “gold” The player has to kill ten enemies by a straight hit to their head. They must complete the task in less than seven hours and thirty seconds.

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In other words, if a player follows a particular game strategy and puts off the customary killings by the character Lester “for the future” if, for instance, Trevor has relocated to an entirely new hiding place (strip club) and this dislocation will be opened at the end of. Once you’ve eliminated all the above scenario targets and are immediately notified, you will receive a phone call via your cell phone number from Lester. He will give you the positive announcement that Franklin is now able to move to a new location and that all of his belongings, as well as his dogs known as Chop, are already at home. The new home of the hero is situated among the rolling hills in Vinewood and is located in house number 3671. It appears that you succeeded in your mission Lester Cross got a reasonable price, as he spent a lot of money on a great house. It is also worth noting that there will not be any guests in the room, but only Franklin and his pet will reside there. The dog’s house is located close to the pool. As you can observe, this is not a perfect house, close to a two-car garage with parking space which is extremely useful.

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The house itself is up to two floors. The entrance is located on the second level, and the player will be in the hallway. If you move on, the living area is spacious and decorated with high-end furniture. It is equipped with everything you require such as a bong television, a sofa and many more. From the living area, there’s an entrance into the kitchen. Here there are two laptops. One is functional, and you can connect it to the internet. However, the other computer is more for decorative and is closed all the time. The attentive viewers will see that in the same episode, Franklin uses the laptop and locks the computer and keeps it closed. On the top floor is a bedroom and an enclosed closet, which is the entire space dedicated to.

From the outside, the patio on the back on the second floor is nearly the structure’s entire length. The ground floor side of the courtyard is a vast swimming pool and a booth to accommodate the four-legged dog Chop. In addition, there are tables, chairs, and an umbrella for the sun. From the backyard, you can climb the stairs to the 2nd floor. The left side will be the front entrance to the home, and to the right side is the entry into the garage. As mentioned earlier, two vehicles could be kept in the garage as well as the car of the hero’s family will be parked near the front of the house from the street. This Vinewood Hills region is distinct because there aren’t any nearby establishments such as gun stores. But the drive to them isn’t too long. The most distinctive aspect of the hideaway is Franklin will be provided with a place to live regardless of the developments of the situation.

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In the fifth chapter of the adventure, the homes for the protagonists became cardboard muzzles and began to look like real apartments and houses. In addition to the main characters, there are others, including pets. In these locations, you will always want to return to your home to see what’s changed and whether it’s good. In the shelters today, there is an urge to be at home, but there’s also an entire TV set with shows and programming and computers that have access to the internet game. Of course, it is possible to see some developers’ omissions in certain rooms, but we need more functionality and more authenticity. We are hoping that in the next stage of the game, developers are moving in this direction and build more realistic houses for the character.

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