Rustler: Medieval GTA homage released

Within the medieval GTA tribute to Rustler () the player can cause chaos and also set everything on fire, as per the publisher Modus Games. The action-adventure title from developer Jutsu Games is available today for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

The players assume the role of an anti-hero Guy. The thief and crook are determined to be victorious at the Grand Tournament and the associated top prize that is hands of the queen for himself. It’s time to get in the saddle and prepare.

“Innocent villagers are free of birds by this. The players get the best free access to launch cows to the sky and ignite hay bales and violently stir the medieval population in any way you can imagine. The aspiring troublemakers can now buy games on any platform they prefer: Additionally, Xbox and PlayStation players can enjoy getting the free online Starter Pack DLC. From September 14 to September 14, they’ll have the chance to purchase the pack, which has the following contents for them:

  • A crossbow auto-driven with 10 bolts
  • Hellbarde
  • 5 turd grenades (no further questions)
  • 500 gold coins
  • 2 skill points

Download now for MOBILE!

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