Planes in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 has different types of transportation, which means you can travel not just on land or on water but via the air. Today we will focus on air transportation. Rockstar has supplied over a dozen planes for various reasons. In this article, we will discuss a few of them.


This model first came into play during GTA 3 and can be operated by players. The model was first utilized in all areas of Grand Theft Auto and has not been changed in design since then.

The GTA 5, the Dodo is designed to ensure that it is able to land on water, but it can be able to land also on the land because it comes with an landing gear.

This model of aircraft is the most original of all models. It can take off quickly and land effortlessly. The cabin can sleep four people. Inside the cockpit, there is the pilot and one other passenger and the remainder on specially-formulated pantones that allow landing on the water, and from there, they also shoot in the air.


A cargo plane belonging to the army. It has a plodding top speed and drops when there is even the slightest scratch on the engine. This plane is extremely safe and comfortable. It has a tiny area for taking off as well as landing.


The Vestra was featured in the game as part of the new version of The Business. It is the Vestra is the most compact jet-powered airplane.

This aircraft has the top speed for civilians. What makes it stand out from other aircrafts is the incredible controllability its short wings provide. It allows it to navigate around town due to its dimensions. It is also able for aerial tricks.

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It is a civilian jet plane designed for carrying passengers. This aircraft first appeared during San Andreas.

An extremely versatile plane with which you can take part in competitions, do stunts from the air simply by moving from one place to the next. In addition, this aircraft is the fifth-fastest among all planes.

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