Planes in GTA 5 for Beginners

In the past, you and I have spoken about several planes that were different from each one in their uniqueness. Each of these planes was made for a specific use that is simpler to accomplish on certain of them. We will now show you the other planes we have for you and give you a few details about their capabilities.


The plane was seen during the San Andreas flight school as training aircraft. It’s the second of two other planes concerning top speed. It also has excellent acceleration due to an afterburner function.

It is very stable and easy to handle, making it relatively easy for beginners to control. It’s also suitable for point-to point flying and performing stunts in the airspace. It’s able to slow down the speed in the air swiftly. It could even be dropped on the normal road due to its tiny size

Luxor Deluxe

The Deluxe is a more expensive variant of the standard Luxor, a more expensive version of the regular Luxor. However, when you compare them with one another, they are comparable. The Deluxe has excellent braking; however, its handling and acceleration are worse due to its heavy equipment. It is the most luxurious plane on the market. Other than its elegant appearance, it’s not different from the other aircraft.


The aircraft is comparable in terms of performance to the Duster and has the same speed that is the Duster. It’s a tiny plane and requires just some space to start. It is a good choice for novice pilots because it’s well-controlled and is extremely steady in flight.

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Smaller aircraft with fewer parameters, but quite light. It is different from other aircrafts due to the aspect that in the event that one engine fails, it is able to fly with another engine.

Velum 5-seater

It’s the same plane that is the regular Velum. However, it can hold five passengers instead of four.

Characteristics are not remarkable, but it has poor maneuverability due to its long wings and a low top speed. It requires a long runway for taking off and landing. Like every aircraft in use, this one comes with its advantages. It’s extremely steady and even in the air. It can effortlessly manage air pits


The very first huge airliner that players can take off. Has a fairly high top speed as well as good control given its size.

The plane can endure several shots and hits at the hull. However, when it comes into contact with an engine part, the aircraft can fail immediately. The engine can explode, not just when it is shot or even if you catch an object by it. Due to its vast dimension, it’s possible to fly it into Los-Santos airport.

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