New GTA 6 teaser possibly spotted in GTA Online trailer

GTA 6 players have found a teaser for the game, which is hidden in a brand fresh GTA Online trailer.

Rockstar Games shocked the Internet earlier in the year by the end of years of debate among gamers over whether or not they had begun working on their latest game.

The development has been going on for a long time before an official release; there is possibly a teaser hidden in the 2020 GTA Online heist storyline.

Although there was nothing to be found in the teaser in the moment however, it seems that there were some crucial clues that were not considered when the first time it was discovered.

GTA Teaser to be released in 2022

Likely, in the past, when Rockstar revealed their Cayo Perico heist, they revealed video footage from one of the security cameras that had the coordinates: 38,527A NE; the 79,6129A West coordinates.

Fans did a bit of exploring by searching for Google Maps coordinates. They discovered an interesting road is, in a way, digging up the same area it was in the shape of a VI.

There was no further information during the period. However, on the 18th of March, a person identified as Kirsty revealed that they had further analyzed the trail.

A fascinating connection between the coordinates, which resemble the letter “VI” along with the roads that it’s part of, was discovered recently by the GTAF: GTAF:

A trail that is referred to as “RockStar”

– GTA VI Community (@GTA6Reddit)

Do you remember the VI-shaped path in the Cayo teaser? We discussed it on Discord, so I looked it up again. It’s part of a huge road network, and all of the roads are likely to be named locally.

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It is revealed that the trail is named “Rock Star” . This makes the coordinates all the more intriguing.

A few users have suggested visiting the area in real life to see if there’s something therein, but there’s no sign that anyone has taken the initiative.

This may be an unintentional chance, but if you consider the history of Rockstar’s elaborate Easter eggs, this could have been the very first teaser to be released for .

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