Motorcycles in Grand Theft Auto 5. Continued

The creators have added over 12 different types of motorcycles in GTA 5 with different characteristics. You are able to pick the ideal one that will suit you in all aspects depending on your preferences for riding. Today we’ll finish the list of fascinating motorcycles.


This bicycle has the speeds of any vehicle on land. While it isn’t improving its acceleration characteristics, this bike is at its limit. Additionally, the bike is very maneuverable, so traveling at high speed on a tight track is not an issue. The bike is only lacking one drawback – it cannot ride on back wheels. In GTA 5, the sport GTA 5 riding on the rear wheel allows the motorcycle greater speed, which allows players to beat even the most powerful motorbikes. However, other bikes can outrun you on plain dogleg because Akuma fails to use back wheels.

Bati 801

It is among the fastest motorcycles on the market in GTA 5. It is very smooth to handle and has an incredible speed, which allows it to be the most comfortable motorbike on the market. However, there are also some drawbacks. Because of its light weight, it is often bounced around on bumps making it less stable in these areas. It’s enough to strike a spot at a fast speed to make the bike lose its control.


It can be described as the sister to it’s Akuma motorcycle. This motorcycle is lighter, so its maximum speed was increased. However, it reduced acceleration. Additionally, on this bike, the brake system was designed more efficiently, which allows it to be more steady and controlled when riding. Weight reduction can have an enormous impact on the handling of rugged terrain. With the proper modifications, the bike can be an excellent choice and compete with sports bikes.

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The motorcycle was featured during the Grand Theft Auto games long back. It’s a normal motorcycle that you can identify through its stripes on the tank. It’s quite similar in appearance to Western Daemon. The only difference is their brakes. The Hexer has better brakes than Western Daemon. To race on it, you’re not likely to be able to, but you can enjoy an enjoyable ride – to do this, he’s the best. The features of this motorcycle can significantly increase the efficiency of turbochargers that you can put in at your service center.

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