Michael De Santa Character History

Michael De Santa or Michael Townley is one of the principal characters in Grand Theft Auto 5. Before the storyline in the game, he had ended his life as a burglar.


The year 1965 was the one that Michael was born. Michael was born in Midwest, and, as a result, his first crimes were committed in the Midwest. Michael was raised in a family of poor people who resided in an RV. The father of Michael was an alcohol addict who often physically abused Michael. However, his father was soon to leave the family. Through this period, Michael told a large variety of stories about why their father had abandoned the family. Unfortunately, these were stories that bore no resemblance to the actual incidents.

For instance, He was struck by an oncoming train and later was a part of the Navy. The stories were unending. When Michael was in the highschool, He played soccer for the favorite team in which there was a fullback. He was pretty good at soccer, so he was often published in the local newspaper. Unfortunately, he had to stop his career because of constant injuries and personality issues.

The beginning of an infamous criminal career

The first time he robbed a supermarket and made $10,000. When he was in jail, Michael received training in tattoos. After that, he would usually practice with his fellow prisoners.

But despite facing numerous difficulties throughout his professional life, he was able to become a superb marksman and also a skilled ringleader.

He then met Trevor while they were escorting an item through the borders. When Trevor was waiting to meet his boss, he spotted two vehicles. Michael exited the first, and his colleague left the second. It was later discovered that Michael had kidnapped Michael earlier. When Michael fled, the policeman was determined to lower Trevor’s guard before being shot in the eye using the flare gun. When they finally landed and landed, they immediately disposed of the body in the body of water. After that, they departed the plane due to the most odor. They later remarked that they had a great time together. Afterward, Michael acknowledged his apology to Trevor and suggested they get along.

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Rejection in the life

As time passed, his life in Los Santos became unbearable. He was highly disappointed his family had to end his criminal career due to the demands of the family he was raised with. Following that, he started to live his life differently. He started drinking a lot of alcohol to alleviate his depression or lay in the pool and avoid all. This is why his kids did not show him regard.

One day Amanda discovered that Michael was infidelity to her, and their relationship began to fall apart slowly. To retaliate, she began to date two males and also spent an enormous amount of money on plastic surgery. Following all this, Michael began to experience an issue with his mid-life, so the therapist he was seeing began, who came with an expensive price and was not interested in Michael’s issues.

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