Leaker indicates that we will see this long-awaited cities in GTA 6

The newest leaks suggest that locations are located in different cities, both U.S. and Latin America in GTA 6 and the community includes all one.

Nothing is known about 6 other than the official announcement from Rockstar Games, which made official the “advanced” development of the project at the beginning of 2022.

Our only source of data has been the leakers who over the last few months have not stopped giving information to the community anxious to know what we can expect in the sixth installment.

While a lot of the rumors are contradictory, There are a variety of theories. One of them is the game’s settings that tell that we’re returning to Vice City, but other rumors indicate that we’ll be heading to a different city in the game’s story. But remember that there are leaks everywhere; therefore, take the information with caution.

The Rockstar Games team really liked the result that Brazil brought to Max Payne 3.

After that the team planned that the prologue of the next GTA would possibly happen in Brazil, In 2003 – with the murder of the protagonists’ parents, killed by rival cartels.

— Matheusvictorbr- (@Matheusbr9895_)

GTA 6 could bring us the city of Chicago and Rio de Janeiro

GTA is a world in which GTA is a variety of the various U.S. cities. Liberty City is New York, Vice City is Miami, and San Andreas is Los Santos. But, it is now apparent that Chicago is the next option. As the leaker has reported, it is ” 80% sure” that GTA 6 will havea new brand new location.

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The Rockstar Games team was extremely pleased with the results they got from Brazil during Max Payne 3,” He wrote. Then, the team planned for the next GTA logo to occur at Brazil in 2003. It would feature the killing of the main characters at the hand of competitors cartels“.

As well as these details, I will also inform the reader I will also assure you that GTA 6 will feature Carcer City as a brand new location close to Cuba and the anticipated return to Vice City.

I’m 80percent confident in Carcer City, VC, Cuba and many more.

— Matheusvictorbr- (@Matheusbr9895_)

Don’t forget that Carcer City has been featured in various Rockstar Games titulos. Particularly, is the location ofand is a mix of Detroit, New Jersey, St. Louis, and Chicago. It has also been mentioned in several GTA games, but the GTA community has not had the opportunity to visit the area themselves.

We should stress that this isn’t the first time leaks suggest that we’ll be able to see cities that are influenced by Guarma from Red Dead 2’s Guarma, and there’s even been speculation about the possibility that we’ll have Ri o de Janeiro and Havana in the game..

As of now, these are all speculation, although a lot of them suggest the same thing. We’ll be watching watch to see what happens. However, it appears that GTA 6 could become one of the most anticipated games ever made.

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