Judgment Day

The Doomsday Heist (The Doomsday Heist) was the sixth heist in the series of GTA Online and came two years later, on the 12th of December in 2017, following several years of silence from the earlier Heists.

In this game (designed for teams of 2-4), together with Lester, you will be tasked by a mysterious character, billionaire Avon Hertz. He believes that an unknown entity plans to take over the entire United States to its knees by taking over the San Andreas state San Andreas with nuclear weapons.


What is the process to start? First, it is essential to know that you (or one of your team members) must purchase the underground LRC base ( Mansion) with a conference room to plan. After purchasing this property, you’ll be able to recruit the services of mercenaries to your army or make use of an orbital cannon that has the capability of degrading a large kill zone on the ground.

The entire heist can be divided into three main stages including a grand finale each, as well as cash prizes.

Initial Act: $65,000 (entry price) 650,000 $812,250 (normal/complicated reward)

2nd Act 95,000 (entry price) 950,000 / $1,187,500 (normal/complicated award)

The Third Act: $120,000 (entry cost) 1,000,000 / $1,500,000 (normal/complicated award)

There are many achievements, like criminal Genius (when your complete all quests with the same group of people, from and):

Completing all quests in a single go Completed all quests

Three times you can complete all tasks Three times: $1,750,000

Four-person team to complete all tasks The total amount is $3,750,000.

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Other accomplishments:.

1. In the beginning of your journey. It is your responsibility to plan”Judgement Day” robbery “Judgement Day” Robbery.

2. Data Leakage. You’ve completed the first step as an individual leader or team member.

3. orbital destruction. You killed someone using orb cannons.

To obtain an Orbital Annihilation achievement, you’ll need to invest as much as feasible: $1,250,000 + $900,000 + $500,000. This includes buying the base, the cannon with a single shot.

First Act: Data Leak

Three preparation tasks and the final.

The Second Act Operation Bogdan

Four tasks to prepare and the final.

Act Three: Doomsday Scenario

Five preparation tasks and a conclusion.

According to the game’s developers, despite the many options for playthroughs, it’s the stealthy, stealthy strategy that will be the most exciting for “Doomsday.”

In the movie “Doomsday,” the player team will have the chance to test a variety of interesting and innovative vehicles, such as:

It is the Mammoth Thruster jetpack ().

A sports car underwater (similar to the car used in the James Bond movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”).

Imponte Deluxo is a Flying sports vehicle (based on the famous DeLorean DMC-12 in Back to the Future).


– HDT Storm SRTV off-road military car.

– A six-wheeled, armored personnel transporter.

– Light tank TM02 Khanjali straight from the future.

– Akulu helicopter (4 seats, the passenger is the option of a the turret) equipped with night vision cameras and an invisibility mode.

– Convertiplane (based on the real V-22 Osprey).

– Bomber (based on Avro Vulcan).

– Submarine Stromburg.

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Awards and Achievements

There will be challenges of elite quality throughout the three phases along with”the “Genius underworld.”

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