History of the character Lester Crest

Lester Crest is one of the main characters from Grand Theft Auto 5, Michael’s former friend.


Lester is an outstanding outlaw who was often a part of Michael and Trevor. He came up with ideas for robbery and being a scout. For most of his life, he’s suffered from a debilitating disease that has slowly weakened his motor abilities.

He gained a significant amount of weight gain due to his health issues. Lester has fought this deficit by utilizing his excellent mental abilities and the knowledge that he’s extremely aware of, making him an effective strategy for a variety of criminals.

Lester has been previously involved in politics, which means it is not surprising that he excels in the world of politics and the details of corporate action. Due to this, he’s extremely adept at stocks fraud.

Collaboration in GTA Online

Within GTA Online, he appears on your cell phone screen, and you can collaborate with the player. You can contact Lester himself through the phone and also order paid services. You can learn more through the game itself.

Biker Club

Invisibly revealed through Open Road, he reconnects with the protagonist, who has recently purchased the biker’s club. Lester, who has altered his voice in the program, assists the main character in purchasing a specific company to advertise the product. However, he may also disclose his real name when called to report missing items.

“Judgement Day”

The update in this one sees Lester, along with an agent, discuss with a group of people to protect the town of Los Santos. To accomplish this, they will need the aid of the major GTA characters. The agent will assign them the task and tell the group what they must accomplish.