GTA Online: The underground car scene in Los Santos Tuners

On the 20th of July, 2021, the next update of GTA Online will be released, “Los Santos Tuners,” which will focus upon the underground auto scene in Los Santos. The main point of departure is the location for social gatherings, the “LS Car Meet.” An underground auto scene is in peace (and with no PvP).

“You can showcase your car that you have tuned or look at the designs and modifications of others who share your interests, join part of the LS Car Meet as well as tune your cars before an expert crowd, try their performance on the track, and test drive the latest vehicles”, writes Rockstar Games. “You are likely to see new races for the LS Car Meet like a head-to-head duel and timed races as well as brand new races in street races in Los Santos like the street race series and the chase series. There are plenty of new vehicles to customize and, of course, the speed improvement for selected cars within GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, which will be released later in the year.

Rockstar Games: The LS Car Meet

For the first step To begin, you’ll have to go to a shabby, graffiti-strewn warehouse located on the edge of town. Keep your ears open. The engine sounds will provide you with a clue. Also, look for the temporary finish line along the street to the right. This LS Car Meet follows the principle of ‘good vibes only, which makes it an ideal place to stay clear of police and the minor criminals who are a menace to Los Santos and its surrounding zones. You can park your car (and any vehicle with a gun) at the front of the event and enjoy your love for automobiles with other like-minded individuals. There are plenty of opportunities to get into the lively heart of the community, show off the most treasured cars from your collection or take a look at other vehicles.

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LS Car Meet Membership

For the first time, you’ll be able to unlock a brand new reputation advancement process through which you’ll earn new rewards as you progress through levels. Additionally, you’ll gain access to the Test Track, an ample space in The Car Meet warehouse. There you can drift, drive, and leap to your heart’s desire with your friends without having to worry about annoying pedestrians or police. There are test cars on the track for testing – it’s your chance to drive one of a diverse selection of vehicles and test them to the limit. If you put $50,000 in GTA into the mix to join the LS Car Meet, you’ll receive even more advantages.

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Members can participate in the alternative challenge for prize cars to win prize cars. They also gain access to a variety of stores and other features, such as the merch shop along with a tattoo studio, as well as a tuning area where you can showcase your expertise in the hands of an expert crowd. The higher-ranking members can also start an exclusive takeover and then decorate Car Meet to their liking—car Meet, including the colors of the lights and banners to their preferences.

New Races

New races will be added in and around at the Car Meet in conjunction with Los Santos Tuners. In the testing track, you will be able to participate in friendly competitions such as head-to-head duels, in which speed and precision will give you the edge you require to defeat your opponent in a brief race. In Spurts, you can play four or more players who complete 20 checkpoints. If you’re racing in timed competitions, you’ll get the opportunity to put your vehicles to the test on the testing track and establish your personal best. The way can accommodate up to 30 people. Be on track. However, contact is prohibited during events. Additionally, members have the option of an exclusive test track to themselves. Apart from testing the way, there are new racing series available in the city for members to participate in street racing and the chase series.

Street Racing Street Racing Series offers precisely what it promises: intense racing on a variety of unique tracks located in the Los Santos’ most beautiful areas, with shortcuts that provide both risk and excitement. The chase series offers drivers a more relaxed experience; thanks to checkpoints scattered across maps, drivers will need to develop a new route. You’re, in fact, competing with other racers, and you’re also carrying the LSPD attached to your exhaust. Sprints are, however, are point-to-point challenges in accessible mode. With up to three other drivers, you’ll race at a breakneck speed, starting from the LS Car Meet to various places like the LSIA and then back.

Earn Reputation

Within the realm of enthusiasts for tuning, Reputation is an important currency. Earn it by participating in (and getting the win in) races, claiming a regular login bonus, spending time at the test track, or even enjoying the Car Meet. As you build your popularity, you’ll get rewards that improve your status on the race scene. For instance, you’ll be able to get access to all sorts of modifications, like brand new paint jobs and tires. You can also enjoy the benefits of trade rates on specific cars as well as access to the latest race modes or have the opportunity to organize your personal Car Meet.

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New Cars

This version of GTA Online provides all the automobile dealerships located in Los Santos with a whole new range of new cars that range from import tuner vehicles that are made from Annis, Dinka, Ubermacht, and more to the authentic vapid muscle cars which Americans have taken to heart. In all, there are 17 new cars during the summer months, ten of that will be available when the game launches on the 20th of July. In addition, the moment GTA Online comes out later this year on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|SS, you’ll have the option of giving some vehicles brand new speed improvements and much more. These exclusive upgrades are only accessible with Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. More information will be available shortly.

It is the Los Santos Community Meet Up

If you’re playing GTA Online before the release of the Los Santos Car Meet, you’ll be able to receive some exclusive rewards. Get together with your friends today by participating in GTA Online at any time before the release of the update, and you’ll receive an exclusive Los Santos Custom T-shirt. Join (via an interaction menu) in a fun race and get an official Los Santos Tour Jacket.

Earn special rewards and play

If you steal a vehicle while in accessible mode and take the car to LS Customs, you will be awarded Los Santos Customs work overalls ideal for your car wrench. Get your rewards by engaging in Los Santos Tuners on or after the 20th of July. The prizes will be available in your wardrobe after 72 hours from the log-in on July 23rd. ”

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