GTA 5 and GTA Online come to PS5 and Xbox Series with amazing next-gen enhancements

GTA 5 and GTA Online are now available on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles with exciting new features. The years don’t seem to pass for this popular series version.

GTA 5 and Online are now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S Series through on the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store, with various improvements and updates for veterans and novice players alike. GTA Online is also available as a separate game that is available to download for free on PS5 until the 14th of June. So you can now return home to Los Santos in style.

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The most exciting new features in GTA 5 and Online on PS5 and Xbox X/S

Beautiful graphics

Improved fidelity and performance levels With three new, graphic modes that allow you to customize the experience of your game and provide resolutions as high as 4K 60 frames per second HDR choices, options for ray tracer, texture quality enhancements and much more.

Faster loading

Experience the action immediately, as the entire world is Los Santos and Blaine County has never been faster before.

Immersive Controls

Experience the latest levels of responsiveness using DualSense, the PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller’s dynamic triggers and adaptive triggers such as atmospheric effects such as road bumps, explosions damage to the direction, and much many more.

3D audio

You can hear the world’s sounds with pinpoint precision ranging from the speed of a stolen supercar, the gunfire from shooting matches in the vicinity, the roar of a helicopter in the sky, and many more.

You can also experience brand new features in the ever-changing game GTA Online, where you can transform from an entrepreneur on the street to the leader of your criminal enterprise.

Hao’s Special Works

Exclusively for consoles of the latest generation, Hao has taken over the LS Car Meet car shop to provide the services of a tuneer that specializes in Hao’s Special Works. For unlocking Hao’s Special Works, take his phone call and then complete an online time trial using one of the modified HSW high-performance vehicles. If you beat the time average, the workshop will be unlocked, allowing you to purchase the upgrade for compatible vehicles and make modifications to them for accelerated acceleration, chameleon-like paint, and lots more.

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From from today HSW enhancements and changes are available for Ubermacht Sentinel XS and for the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag as well as the Grotti Turismo Classic and the Bravado Banshee. Additionally, five new models will be only available on most recent consoles: Coil Cyclone II, Karin S95, Imponte arbiter GT, Pfister Astron customized, and Pegassi Ignus-armed. They all support HSW’s improvements and enhancements.

Additionally, they will receive a new model of the Karin S95 that has been remodeled with the help of HSW for free after they can unlock the Hao Special Works. If that weren’t enough, the players can also access the chameleon-like colorful dark purple and red paints available for all HSW-compatible cars and will be capable of applying either for free.

Utilize your modified HSW cars to participate in the brand innovative HSW Racing Series.

The originator of professions, a great new feature in GTA 5 for PS5 and Xbox

All players who take their first steps into GTA 5 Online using the most modern technology, PS5, as well as Xbox Series consoles, will be equipped with the ability to connect to the creator of professions and help navigate all the possibilities of GTA Online using the most effective tools that will help them rise as a street hustler into the kingpin of the criminal empire. Choose from four careers executive and nightclub owner, arms dealer, or biker – and pick from various vehicles, properties, and weapons to start your business running. In addition, the creator of professions will be available to those who want to revive the character of their GTA Online character.

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New menu design

You can instantly access the entirety of what GTA Online has to offer directly from the main menu. This includes GTA Online’s most play-tested and recently updated features. You can quickly start beat ’em-up racing, race, or Adversary modes, then jump right into the accessible mode or look up the latest events every week, which include discounts, opportunities to earn double cash, and much more.

Access all previous and current GTA 5 Online updates on PS5 and Xbox Series

Sumergete with over 40 major updates to over 40 of the biggest… plus there’s more to be announced in the near future. The list includes everything from the hunt of Dr. Dre’s music file that is missing that was with Franklin Clinton in The Contract to the high-speed streets racing underground of Los Santos Tuners to hits on the tropical paradise island Cayo Perico to the nighttime circuits of After Hours and The Diamond Casino & Resort.

You can also enjoy, either by yourself or with a group, the variety of types, races, and social gatherings, such as nightclubs, arcades parties, car meet and much more.

There are exciting new features waiting to be discovered to take advantage of them, so… go through them!

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