Franklin Clinton’s character history

Franklin who is the main character of Grand Thet Auto 5, is one of three characters for which quests in the game are accessible. Franklin is well-known to all of us.


Franklin could not determine his place in his life for quite a while before finally settling on his position.

He decided to become a gangster

His friends tried to assist his return to his previous street brawls.

His birthplace was Los Santos. Franklin was not a person with the life, education, wealth, and so on. that is typical of the typical well-off man. When he was young, He lived a bizarre lifestyle that was dangerous and illegal. More specifically,

Trade-in for drugs

Following one of these agreements, he was detained. After his release from jail, he decided to no longer reside in the city ghetto.

Franklin was also involved in robbery following his detention. He realized the possibility of being in prison once more and decided to join forces as a robber for Armenian Simon Yetarian at a high-end automobile dealership. He began selling cars to people with very high rates of interest. If his owner from the dealership couldn’t collect his money, and that was often the scenario, Franklin helped him. He turned into a vicious collector who was able to take the car from the person who owed him forcefully. That’s why Simon agreed to recognize Franklin as the month’s employee.

At the end of the mission, the two Lamar removed all bandits and the debtor. Lamar drove the motorbike and then drove it back to Simon. This was the beginning of a crack in Simon and Franklin’s relationship.

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Then, he was forced to steal the car in the parking lot of the debtor, who is the father of Michael-De Santa, who was sleeping in the back of the vehicle when the incident occurred. While Franklin was driving just a few miles from the saloon, Michael suddenly threatened the driver with a gun, which caused him to crash into the structure’s windows. Franklin was forced to perform his bidding since the importance of life was more significant than money or work. Michael later rewarded him, and then he beat Simon himself. This is the way Franklin went from being employed to unemployed.


Franklin Clinton is an outstanding car burglar with a lot of knowledge of the industry and is extremely adept at handling vehicles, and is able to effortlessly open any car, so that the alarm will not sound. He is the top driver for the company, and has excellent physical information.

There is a technique known as Adrenaline Splash in the game, which slows downtime when driving. It also pushes the car to the limit, allowing it to skid, and the highest speed reaches the speedometer’s number.


Franklin can be described as a hard-working young man. He is not too young. He is full of hope for the future. He also loves helping his fellow criminals with problems. The fear of being a victim is virtually foreign to him, making him a shrewd and opinionated person.

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