Failed to launch the case GTA Online – what to do?

In some instances in GTA Online the error “Failed to open the case, please try again” occurs. For many, problems, it is caused by .

How can I repair it?

The most important issue is the different language settings on the system (for consoles) or Steam (for PC).

Therefore, you must switch that language to English and restart GTA Online. GTA Online session to remove the error message “Failed to start. Try again”.

Once you have cleared the error that led to it, you can switch it back into Russian.

How do I change the language?

1. In Steam, you can open the program, choose the game properties, and then click on the item “Language” to switch to English.

2. In Xbox, Change your language to English on the console menus. Additionally, it might be necessary to switch the time zone to GMT-5.

3. In Playstation, the language changes across all consoles in the settings.

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